How to start a blog

I googled “how to start a blog” and the first result told me I could do it in 20 minutes or less. <checks phone>. Twenty-two minutes until I have to wake the twinkies up and feed them, so I’ll ignore the toddler moaning in the room next to me for nap time to be over and bang out this first post. Thank God for crib enclosures.

Previously I thought I’d have to be borderline narcissistic to start a blog. What do I have of value to share with the world? I’m absolutely certain that recording even just a quarter of the thoughts that go through my mind would prove to be a complete embarrassment when reflected on just a short time later. Nevertheless, blogs (most specifically this one) have been so essential to me with my first two babies. I’ve found both comfort and direction in reading what other babies at the same age and stage are doing in terms of schedules and sleep. After having such success using Babywise with my first two, I naturally planned on adapting the method for use with my twins, but have found that the availability of twin-specific accounts of using Babywise is quite limited.

My twins are 1 month old now, and I’ve spent nearly every one of the past 35 days googling variations of the general question WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH THESE TWO BABIES? It turns out there aren’t thousands of twin moms with hours and hours of extra time to spend typing out detailed instructions for me, so my results have come up somewhat dry. All I want to know is how to get these two aliens to be quiet at night so I don’t fall asleep at the next red light. I want to know if the middle of the night up-the-back-poop diaper changes with two hungry babies SCREAMING in your face ever get easier. And I want to know how to answer the question “are your boy-girl twins identical?” without sounding condescending. Isn’t there someone who already took the time to blog about all this stuff? I can’t find you.

So here I am spending my own time typing it out for a future mother. I am a sleep-loving, Babywise-following, mother of more than just twins, and this is the blog about how I got my babies to sleep through the night, take long, predictable naps, and not completely turn my well-organized, laid-back, enjoyable life upside down. YOU’RE WELCOME.



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