Twin Summary: 6 Weeks

Well it’s been 6 weeks and all my potted plants are officially dead.

For anyone who reads these weekly posts and thinks we have it together, today in the Target family bathroom I watched in horror as my 1 year old dipped his fingers into the toilet my 3 year old was peeing in and then shoved them in his mouth. I was over on the other side of the bathroom trying to maintain the continuous bounce of the stroller so Samuel would stay quiet and was completely helpless to intervene. So we went to target for floss and probably came back with Hepatitis A, but I guess that’s life. Or, that’s our life at least.

Nursing is finally going pretty well. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect yet – Mercy is still having some trouble latching properly and both babies still occasionally choke, but there is no pain. There were two days in a row where it was really difficult to get them to eat well (take full feedings) during the day, and I started to worry that my supply would drop. WHEN WILL I LEARN TO STOP WORRYING?! Two days later they went back to nursing well and my supply was just fine. They do nurse a lot better at night than during the day, which is quite frustrating. That needs to change if I ever hope to get them sleeping through the night.

Naps got a little more complicated this week because the babies seem to naturally need slightly different waketimes. Samuel can handle being awake for 10-15 minutes longer than Mercy without showing signs of needing a nap. I considered staggering nap times to cater to each baby’s ideal waketime, but then decided that would require far too much effort on my part. So instead I put them both down when Mercy is ready for a nap and Samuel will just have to learn to spend the last 10-15 minutes of his waketime bobbing his head around in a dark room.

Night time Sleep:
They started a pattern of only waking twice every other night. When they wake twice, it’s around 11:30pm and 2:30am, which makes them unable to stretch to our ideal start time of 7:00am, but I’ve just been rolling with the early mornings because that’s preferable to 3 night wakings. I can address the issue of waking too early in the morning later, if it persists.

Middle of the night diaper changes:
The saga continues. Last week I thought I had solved it with the double diapering, but that only ended up working for 2 nights. I did make it easier for myself by switching from snap pajamas to gowns, but I still seem unable to stop diaper leakage without changing their diaper at every single waking. Even when I do that it sometimes leaks between feedings. I’ve tried double diapering with both two size 1 diapers and also with a size 2 over a size 1. I have tried 4 different brands of diapers and every one leaks. I talked to my sister about it and she said she thinks it’s just a problem with size 1 diapers – like they just aren’t big enough to absorb the amount of liquid that the baby is drinking. That seems logical to me – I think a 6 week old baby often drinks just as much as a 4 month old baby, but the 4 month old baby has a much bigger diaper that can hold more liquid. My sister said she remembers the problem going away when her kids moved up to size 2. Something to look forward to, I guess. In the meantime, I’ve heard that cloth diapering over a disposable works too, but I don’t have any cloth diapers and I don’t want to buy the cloths and the covers if this problem is only going to continue for a few more weeks. If the babies move to size 2 diapers and are still leaking, I’ll reconsider.

This was our general schedule this week. Waketimes are slowwwwly increasing. We are starting our day earlier most days because of how the middle of the night feedings are falling. I then let them nap longer so by the end of the day, the feedings fall where I want them to.

6:00-6:30am Wake up, nurse
6:50-7:20am Nap 1
9:30am Wake, nurse
10:20am Nap 2
12:45pm Wake, nurse
1:35pm Nap 3
3:30pm Wake, nurse
4:20pm Nap 4
5:45-6:00pm Wake, nurse
7:00pm Nurse again and put to bed
MOTN feedings at either 10:30, 1:30, and 4:30 or 11:30 and 2:30

First Cold:
The babies have their first cold. I’m not exactly sure how they got it since no one else in the family has been sick recently. Perhaps one of us managed to carry the virus without getting sick ourselves. We all certainly slobber their cheeks enough to pass something along. It’s not a bad cold, and to be honest there’s a certain satisfaction in using the snot sucker on them, not dissimilar to the joy of popping a pimple.

Back to the Gym:
Six weeks is a special birthday for babies, because it marks the day they are old enough to go into child watch at the YMCA. Oh happy day! We went the morning they turned 6 weeks. The ladies that work there were genuinely happy to see us back and meet the babies. That was relieving to me because I work hard to make sure my kids aren’t the type employees bitch about in the staff room. Their reaction was a positive reflection on Vera and Abel’s behavior and I was a proud mama.

The babies did great while there. Apparently they sat in the bouncers awake but NOT CRYING for around 30 minutes before falling asleep. Why won’t they do that at home? I was able to run (sort of), take a shower, and blow dry my hair without being called out for a crying baby, a poopy diaper, or a toddler who peed his pants, which by all accounts makes it a very successful first trip back to the gym.

Unfortunately we had a busy week and weren’t able to make it back again, but I did go for a run twice. It felt GREAT. It’s amazing how awesome it feels to run and not be pregnant. I’m totally out of shape and it’s quite embarrassing how difficult even a 2 mile run is for me right now, but the whole time I kept thinking about how glad I am to not be pregnant anymore. I was reading this interview with Kim Kardashian yesterday and she was talking about how much she hated pregnancy and I thought AMEN SISTER. Pregnancy is only a beautiful experience when you’re NOT pregnant.

Beach Day:
For Father’s Day we went to the beach with my parents and my sister’s family. I thought Vera and Abel might be old enough to spend a whole day there with no naps. There were no melt downs big enough to make me regret that decision, but it was also very clear

Beach nappers

that they still need daily naps. That’s good, because they’ll be napping until they go to kindergarten whether they need it or not.

The babies did moderately okay. When we first got there they took a 2 hour nap under the canopy, but they really struggled to fall asleep for the subsequent naps. They would doze if being held but not get into a deep enough sleep to put them down without having them wake up and cry. So they were held a lot and also cried a lot. By the time we left they were absolutely exhausted, but we all survived and it was a good day.



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