How to: Get Rid of Baby Acne 

Babies are cute, but baby acne is not. It can be such a frustrating thing, too. One night you put them to bed with that soft, smooth baby skin and the next morning they wake up with a total pizza face. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!

I hear it’s hormonal, but honestly I don’t really care what causes it. I just want to know how to get rid of them so I can get back to taking a billion pictures of my new babies.

Four kids later, I finally have the answer:

Put some Windex on it.

Just kidding. I haven’t tried that. It’s actually Aquaphor. Maybe you’re reading this thinking “no duh” but I’ve seen enough babies with acne to know it’s not common knowledge.

Yes, Aquaphor is the not only the solution for butt rashes and chapped lips, but it also cures baby acne. Slather it all over the affected area and leave it overnight. Reapply every morning and evening as needed.

aquaphorSam broke out pretty badly about a week home from the hospital. I tried the Aquaphor and two days later his skin was clear. Last night I noticed a little patch of it cropping up again on one cheek, so I applied the Aquaphor and when I got him up in the morning it was completely gone. I should have taken before/after pictures, but bedtime was a bit chaotic and the first priority was getting everyone in bed ASAP so I could sit down and finish my glass of wine. Maybe I’ll remember next time it happens. Or maybe you can just test it out on your own baby and see for yourself what miracles it works. You’re welcome.



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