Twin Summary: 8 Weeks (2 months)

This is the weekly summary for the babies 9th week (they were 8 weeks old). This week they turned 2 months old.

My four cuties

Overall things go pretty smoothly during the day, but occasionally I have these moments of high anxiety where I am so absolutely overwhelmed by the events happening around me that I just want to curl up like a rollie-pollie until it’s over. We had one of those episodes at lunch time today, where the babies were screaming because they were hungry, Abel was screaming because I wouldn’t let him off the toilet until he pooped, and Vera suddenly grew a bottomless stomach that continued to finish every food item I gave her and then ask for more. There’s nothing quite like making another peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the pressure of 3 babies screaming at the top of their lungs 10 feet from you. Oh, and it’s been 90 degrees inside our house every day this week so I have sweat trickling down my temples and I’m getting nauseated by the smell of my own armpits. Thankfully these melt-down moments are temporary and exactly 34 minutes later I find myself sitting at the computer in the silence of a home with 4 children peacefully napping.

Nursing went back to being painful for a couple of days. I think I got lazy at night with getting them latched correctly and the nipples got a little bruised. Lesson learned. I also got two more plugged ducts, presumably from wearing a sports bra for too long.

There was one night where they only woke once to eat and I spent the whole next day worrying about it because it would have dropped their 8 feedings a day down to 7. Obviously at some point (hopefully soon) they will start regularly waking only once per night, but I hadn’t figured out yet how I was going to fit another feeding into the daytime schedule to compensate. With my single babies I didn’t compensate – I just only nursed 6 or 7 times in a 24 hour period once they tarted sleeping through the night- but I am more concerned about maintaining supply with twins and would ideally like to keep 8 nursing sessions per day for as long as possible. I had planned to do this by nursing both before and after naps, but for this to work they need to be awake for longer periods. With them only being awake for 45 minute stretches, it doesn’t really make sense to nurse them twice. So that day I made no changes and only nursed them 7 times in the 24 hour period. The next night (and each night after) they went back to nursing twice at night so we were back up to 8.

The first few days of this week were terrible, with one or the other waking early from naps at least twice a day. By the third day or so, they went back to sleeping great. I have been waking them from many naps and the other ones they generally wake from within 20 minutes of my desired wake time.

Night time sleep:
The babies are still waking twice per night to eat, usually around 12:30 and 3:30. As mentioned above, there was the one night where they only woke once, but it appears to have been a fluke.

The night time diaper leakage problem has been solved! It was as my sister said, as soon as they were large enough to put a size 2 diaper on without it leaking in the leg area from being too big, they would stop leaking at the top. This is AWESOME because it means I no longer have to do any diaper changes in the middle of the night. Woohoo!

We made no progress extending waketimes this week. They still hover between 40-50min before it’s time for another nap. This is generally what happened:

6:15-6:30am Wake up, nurse
7:00am Nap 1
9:30am Wake, nurse
10:15am Nap 2
12:15pm Wake, nurse
1:00pm Nap 3
3:15pm Wake, nurse
4:00pm Nap 4
5:45 pm Wake, nurse
6:45pm Nurse, then straight to bed
MOTN feedings around 12:30am and 3:30am

Better sleeper?
People ask me all the time if one baby is a better sleeper than the other. The answer is yes, but who it is changes weekly. For example, at the beginning of the week, I was having to wake Mercy up for every nap and night time feeding. Sam was setting the pace for wake-ups. But half way through they swapped and Mercy became the one to wake up every single time. Their sleep is based on the lowest common denominator – the weakest link – whoever wakes more and sleeps less sets the pace. Each phase lasts a couple of days and by the end I start to think, “well if I just had Sam, think how much sleep I’d be getting!” But just as I’m mentally preparing to throw in the towel and put Mercy up for adoption, she passes the baton and Sam starts being the one to wake. This must be God’s safeguard against favoritism.

Cradle cap:
Both babies got cradle cap this week. Gross. So gross. In the past I have used Head & Shoulders to get rid of it, but this time I was at a friend’s house when I noticed it and she gave me some Mustela to try. I used it that night and was horrified to find the flakey situation far worse the next morning. But I used it again that day and the next, and by then it was nearly 100% gone. So Mustela does appear to be effective, but it’s nearly 200% more expensive than Head & Shoulders, which does the same thing.

On shaving:
One of my few actually desirable symptoms of pregnancy and lactating is that I nearly stop growing hair on my legs and armpits. I have not googled this, but in my inexpert opinion, it’s because all the nutrients I’m eating are going to the developing fetus or the dairy farm and there is nothing left over to put into growing unnecessary patches of hair on my body. Incidentally, it’s the same explanation I have for why I’ve had only 1-2 cavities total in my non-pregnant, non-lactating life, but while pregnant and/or lactating, I’ve had nearly 10.

Anyway, because so little hair grows on my legs or under my arms from about the 5th month of pregnancy on, I’ve gotten a little lazy about removing the few hairs that have the fortitude to keep growing. The other day Eddie and I were laying in bed talking and I had a tank top on and my arms up, hands resting under my head. I casually glanced down at my right armpit and noticed these four or five LONG armpit hairs. They looked about the length you would imagine them to be if you hadn’t shaved your armpits for 6 months. I started laughing about how feminine I looked with long armpit hair before I noticed Eddie’s face, which despite his better efforts clearly conveyed what he was really thinking, “Ummm… are you going to do something about those?” But he never spoke a word. What a sweetie! I shaved that very morning.

Weight loss:
As of my weight watcher meeting on Saturday, I’m down 2.6lb since joining 3 weeks prior. That’s right close to the goal of 1lb per week, but it’s still frustrating to me. As with other things in life, my contentment is at the mercy of my expectations, which in this case are apparently inflated. I guess I assumed that with changing my eating habits (more protein, less cake), running 4-5x a week, and breastfeeding twins, I’d finally be able to kiss my elastic waistband shorts goodbye, but it seems like my body is defying the mathematics of a calorie deficit. Oh well. I’ll just keep plugging along and eventually I’ll see results.

Not to be a downer but…
This paragraph has nothing to do with babies or schedules or even being a mom. In general, running has felt so good. It’s nice to be getting back into shape and I so much enjoy being out there in the crisp morning, listening to music and being left to my thoughts. But it’s the first time I’ve run since I lost my brother and sometimes I find myself sobbing as I round the corner home. Christopher and I had been running together semi-regularly last year before I got pregnant with the twins. It was supposed to be one of the 3 things he was going to do to keep himself on track and drug-free. He’d show up early on a Saturday morning and we’d head out for a 5-6 mile jog on the hills around my house. Then we’d come home and I’d cook breakfast – tripling my normal recipes because he could eat more waffles than anyone I’d ever met. I’m so glad we had those moments together, but I wonder now how I’ll ever run without feeling his absence. Some of the joy in running has been robbed and in it’s place is a big fat hole in my heart. I miss you, Chris.


And lastly, because my sister loves to buy ridiculously cute adult outfits for babies:




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