Twin Summary: 9 Weeks

This is the summary for the babies’ 10th week – they were 9 weeks old.

Sam, Vera’s baby (“Baby Patrick”), and Mercy. Los Tres Amigos.

This week wasn’t BAD, but my oh my was I tired. We started off the week tuckered out from the busyness of the holiday weekend, and then right at the start Vera got sick. It wasn’t one of those viruses that makes kids so docile and cuddly that you secretly cherish the moment – she was crabby and up all night in pain. Yes, yes, poor Vera. But poor ME!

Unrelated to the sickness, her and Abel both woke up multiple nights with bloody noses messy enough to make a homicide look clean. So I spent the week awake all night changing sheets, cleaning blood off the carpet, unsuccessfully comforting a writhing child, and nursing hungry babies. So, yes, the laundry is piled up and my floors are disgusting.

Our pediatrician told me when I first had the twins that it may be difficult for my body to make enough milk for both babies because I’d be exhausted from the whole four kids under 4 thing. As it turns out, I haven’t been nearly as exhausted as you’d think (thank you, Babywise) and I also haven’t had trouble making enough milk. But this week Vera was up all night sick for two nights in a row, and after the second night of only 2-3 hours of sleep, I felt truly exhausted. I first noticed a dip in supply on the second night. Instead of my milk just flowing out when the babies latched, they had to suck for a couple of minutes to stimulate the first let down. To get any subsequent let downs, they had to suck quite vigorously and for longer periods of time. In between feedings (even the longer stretches overnight), my breasts didn’t seem like they were filling up normally. I could tell almost immediately that my milk supply was low. It was quite incredible, actually. I always thought if milk supply did go down, that it was a gradual thing. But in this case it was literally overnight. One day my supply was fine and the next day it wasn’t.

Thankfully, because it was such a drastic change, I caught on to it quickly and was able to make the necessary changes right away. Unfortunately, we’re real people with real lives so we couldn’t take advantage of the mythical and luxurious “nursing vacation” that some are quick to recommend, but I was able to do the following:

  • Start taking Fenugreek (2 capsules, 3x a day)
  • Add 1-2 extra nursing sessions
  • Drink more water
  • Go to bed early (I think I was in bed that night at 7:45pm)

Anyone else notice that fenugreek makes your underarms smell like maple syrup? I almost like it. Anyway, within 2-3 days my supply was back to normal.

Naps were great this week. I had to wake them from many naps. They even started reliably sleeping for the entirety of the last nap, which had previously been either hit and miss or just a catnap.

Night time sleep:
They are still waking twice each night, usually in the 12 o’clock hour and then between 3-4am. Actually the last two nights of this week they slept closer to 4:45am, which was really disruptive to my sleep (I can’t go back to sleep after that). It’s weird to me that they seem to be stretching the second leg of their night time sleep instead of the first. In any case, I think they might be close to merging those two MOTN feeds into one. Perhaps this week.

This week I really worked on extending waketimes. I was hoping if I could get them to be awake more during the day, perhaps they would sleep longer stretches at night. And of course, by “awake more” I mean I’m pushing for an hour at a time. I DO NOT mean that I am attempting to keep them up all day, which of course would likely cause MORE night wakings (sleep begets sleep). But I think 60 minutes of awake time is a reasonable goal. By the end of the week they were doing 55 minutes, with exception to the last cycle (longer) and usually one nap cycle during the day where they were ready to go back to sleep after only 35-40 minutes. The time of day that short cycle happened varied, but there was one every day. Our schedule is still very fluid – more of a routine than a schedule – but I am going to work on moving toward a harder SCHEDULE next week. This is generally how our routine went:

6:15am DWT, nurse
7:00am Nap 1
8:45am Wake, nurse
9:40am Nap 2
11:30am Wake, nurse
12:25pm Nap 3
3:00pm Wake, nurse
3:55pm Nap 4
5:30pm Wake, nurse
6:45pm Nurse, then bedtime
MOTN feedings around 12:30pm and 4am

Doctor’s appointment:
The babies had their 2 month well check. They had both gained well over 1oz per day since their last appointment. There is about a half pound difference between the two, Mercy being the larger baby. The doctor had initially wanted me to bring them in at 3 months for a weight check, but he was confident enough in their consistent weight gain to let me wait until their 4 month well check.

Breakfast burritos:
A couple of weeks after I had the babies, a friend of mine made me some breakfast burritos, which she brought over and stuck in my freezer. They turned out to be a super convenient breakfast and/or snack because you just pop them in the microwave and don’t have to sit down to eat them. Very portable. We ate the ones she brought within the first week, so she made me more – a lot more. I think she made us over 60 burritos. Well, we ate through all of those so I decided to spend one Sunday morning two weeks ago making my own. I made 72 burritos. This morning I looked in the freezer and there is only one burrito left. I am not quite sure how they vanished this quickly, but rough numbers tell me we ate over 130 breakfast burritos in about 6 weeks.

Note to self: frozen breakfast burritos might just be the perfect baby gift for the busy mom.


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