Twin Summary: 10 Weeks

This is the summary for the babies 11th week – they were 10 weeks old.

This was a great week. I felt like everything really came together in terms of sleep. The babies started only waking once per night to eat and I got them on a much more time-specific schedule.

For the first half of the week, they didn’t eat very well at all. I’m not sure why. I started to worry about it, but then remembered a promise to myself about NOT worrying about it, and decided to ignore it and press on. In the second half, they started eating better.

Naps were very on-point this week. Wonderful! They went to sleep for probably 90% of naps without any crying at all and slept until I woke them up for the next feeding. This allowed me to keep them on a time-specific schedule (more on that below), which I like.

Night time:
They are only eating once per night now. There was one night they ate twice, but the other 6 nights was just once – sometime between 1:45am and 3:00am. I am also having to wake them in the morning, which might be the hardest thing to do EVER, but is necessary to keep them on track the rest of the day.

For the first few weeks, our “schedule” was more of a routine than a schedule. It was a repetitive cycle of eat, wake, sleep, but the timing of those activities could change depending on what time they woke in the morning, if they woke early from a nap, etc. Because of this, the actual time that I fed them or that they were awake could vary about an hour. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it makes it difficult to plan anything because you don’t know when you will need to feed them. This is especially true because nursing twins outside of the house is difficult and I like to schedule everything around nursing them at home. This week, the routine evolved into more of a specific schedule. This made things so much easier on me because I could plan things like meeting a friend at the park for a specific time and not worry that I would have to nurse while I was there.

6:15am: DWT, nurse
7:10am: Nap 1
9:15am: Wake, nurse
10:10am: Nap 2
12:15pm: Wake, nurse
1:10pm: Nap 3
3:15pm: Wake, nurse
4:10pm: Nap 4
5:30pm: Wake, nurse
6:30pm-6:45pm: Nurse, then straight to bed
MOTN feeding between 1:45am-3:00am

There was one night this week where Sam woke at 12:45am. This was a bummer because that’s not late enough to make it a one-feeding night. Still, I woke Mercy and nursed them together. Sam woke again at 5:00am and when I went in, Mercy was just so dead asleep and peaceful. It wasn’t too far from our DWT so I decided to just feed Sam and leave Mercy sleeping, thinking that waking and feeding her that close to DWT would be more disruptive than just letting her sleep.

That never works.

At 5:10 I had Sam back in the crib and at 5:24 both babies were awake and crying. Ugh. I gave them a few minutes to try and settle (fail), went in at 5:35am and fed them both. I put them both down in the crib and they miraculously went back to sleep without a fuss, but this meant that I had been up with them for an entire hour that I could have been sleeping. All this could have been avoided if I would have just woken Mercy and fed them together in the beginning. Note to self: always feed them together. Always.

12-Week Sleep Regression:
Both Vera and Abel were well on their way to sleeping through the night at 10/11 weeks, and then suddenly at 12 weeks they start waking up multiple times. I am curious if that will happen with these babies. I hope not, but at least this time I am expecting it.

Thumb sucking:IMG_1594[1]
I forgot to mention last week that Mercy started sucking her thumb. I lay her down for a nap and she immediately puts it in her mouth and starts sucking. It’s just the cutest. Unfortunately she uses her other 4 fingers to simultaneously claw her nose, so it’s all scabby. I’ve been putting Neosporin on multiple times a day, but she continues to scratch at it so it continues to look (and presumably feel) terrible. Haven’t they figured out a way to declaw babies like they do cats? Fingernails serve absolutely no purpose until they are toddlers and you need them to accumulate jelly and dirt as a reminder for you to wash their hands.

More Postpartum Bleeding:
Postpartum bleeding resumed for a day and a half this week. I would have freaked out thinking I was already starting my period if this exact same thing didn’t happen when Abel was 10 weeks old. With him I stopped bleeding postpartum around 5 weeks, resumed at 10 weeks for a couple of days, and then didn’t bleed again until I started my period a month after weaning him. I seem to be following the same pattern this time.

On a related note, I had pretty bad cramping two days this week. This is also not new – I had severe cramps the entire time I breastfed Abel. They felt like period cramps, but I got them every 2 weeks. They were very painful at times and just annoying at other times. I had them consistently until I got pregnant again when Abel was 12 months old. I hope I don’t have them so regularly this time around, and if I do, I sure hope the only solution isn’t pregnancy.

Every baby deserves a twin, don’t you think?

For twin summaries from prior weeks, use the search bar on the homepage or click the “sample schedules” tab.


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