Twin Summary: 12 Weeks

This is the summary for the babies’ 13th week – they were 12 weeks old.


This week I started feeling sort of antsy about their wake times, wishing they were up for longer so we had more time to get out and do things. On the other hand, I’m SO THANKFUL they are now sleeping through the night and I’m nervous that over-extending their wake times will impact naps or night time sleep. I ended up deciding to push them to 65 minutes (from the 55 minutes they were at last week). At first this required lots of bouncing and moving positions to prevent them from either falling asleep or screaming their heads off, which are the two nap cues they display. By the end of the week they were handling 65 minutes pretty well. It takes me about 10 minutes to nurse them, so this leaves 55 minutes for us to leave the house and run a quick errand in between naps.

For future reference, this is a good post about optimal wake time lengths by age.

The Late Afternoon Nap:
Ugh, the late afternoon nap. I hate it. I hated it with my last two also, but I hate it even more this time because it’s July and it’s HOT. The mornings are manageable but in the afternoon, the sun just barrels into the entire front of our house and the temperature inside really spikes. This week there were multiple days that the inside temp hit 99 degrees. It cools off quickly as soon as the sun goes down, but the few hours between around 4pm and 6pm are just miserable.

This is not a new thing – we’ve lived in this house 3 years now with no AC, but in previous years I just left the house after nap time every single day of the summer. This time I can’t do that because the babies have to take a late afternoon nap. If there was just one baby I would go mall walking and wear them in a wrap for the last nap, but there are two babies and they are too big now to both fit in the wrap. They don’t reliably sleep in the stroller either.

So each day I have to choose between staying home in the sweltering heat or getting out with fussy babies who need a nap. Ultimately I prioritize their sleep over my comfort, so most afternoons I choose to stay home. They have a fan over their crib that keeps them cool enough and the big kids and I go in the backyard where at least it’s shady.

The next house we live in will come with air conditioning. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Nighttime Sleep:
Last week I mentioned not being sure what to do if the babies started waking at night again after sleeping through the night for so many nights in a row. It was a difficult decision for me because honestly I just wasn’t expecting them to sleep through so early. Vera was 5 months when I decided to night wean her and Abel was 4 months, so I felt very uncertain about the twins being not even 3 months yet.

As it happened, they slept through the night 6 nights in a row. On the 7th night Sam woke at 3am and I decided to feed them both. On the 8th night Sam woke at 12:30am. This seemed too early to feed them, so I went in, patted his butt a few times, told him to go back to sleep, and returned to bed. He cried for a couple of minutes and then fell back asleep. One of them woke again a few hours later but I decided not to go in and see what would happen. Whichever one it was cried a few minutes, then was quiet. I figured if they were actually starving, they wouldn’t fall back asleep so quickly, so I decided not to interfere from then on.

For the next 4 nights, there were 3-4 night wakings per night, but each time the babies cried for a short period of time and never got really worked up. It was more like a moan than a cry. A few times I went in just to make sure they hadn’t rolled onto their backs (which has happened a few times in the last few weeks) and they would be moaning with their eyes shut and their thumbs in their mouth – seemingly asleep!

After a few nights of that, they started sleeping all the way through again without waking.

This week Vera had Vacation Bible School Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm so I had to shift the babies’ schedule. I ended up just doing our Sunday schedule, which is always different than the other days because we have church at 9am. Here it is:

6:00am: Wake, nurse
7:05am: Nap 1
8:35am: Wake, nurse (so this nap is shorter)
9:40am: Nap 2
11:35am: Wake, nurse
12:40pm: Nap 3
2:45pm: Wake, nurse
3:50pm: Nap 4
5:30pm: Wake, nurse
6:30pm-6:45pm: Nurse, then straight to bed between 6:45-7:00pm

Thumb Sucking:
I had mentioned previously that Mercy started sucking her thumb. Sam has been doing it for the past couple weeks as well. What’s interesting to me is how much they do it. Abel was (is) a thumb sucker, but I don’t think he really got the hang of it until later and he rarely did it while awake until after age 1. Sam and Mercy suck their thumbs nearly 100% of the time they aren’t nursing – so like 22 hours a day. It’s great because it’s made them far less fussy, but I can’t help but think how AWFUL their teeth are going to look when they come in.

I noticed recently that I’ve developed really bad posture. I think my position while nursing is negatively affecting my posture. My nursing pillow doesn’t come high enough up my mid section, so even with the throw pillows that I put on top of the pillow, I’m bending over in order to get my boobs low enough for them to latch. If I straighten my back, my nipples are about 2 inches too high for their mouths. I’m not sure anything can be done about this, so I have just tried to be more aware of my posture when I’m not nursing.

Weight Loss:
Things are finally kicking into gear with my weight loss. It seemed so slow at the beginning! I am down 8.5lb since I started Weight Watchers 6 weeks ago and 54 pounds down from my highest pregnancy weight. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit yet, but I’m getting there!


2 thoughts on “Twin Summary: 12 Weeks

    • Hi Sarah- I don’t think there is much you can do to make babies nurse faster. I think it just happens. All of my babies have nursed quickly – my milk comes out quite forcefully so I think that’s why. But even disregarding that, babies just nurse faster as they get older. I don’t think anyone has a 6 month old who takes 30 minutes to nurse, you know? So just hang in there! They will get faster!


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