Twin Summary: 13 Weeks (3 Months)

I just typed out this entire summary and then somehow deleted every part but the title. Ha! Sometimes I am amazed at the way in which my capabilities are so technologically limited. You would think I was 60.

This summary will now likely end up being shorter than it was as I am spending all of naptime on a hunt for these terrible squirrels that are sneaking in to eat my chicken feed. It’s infuriating! I keep setting traps but they somehow manage to set them off without actually being caught. The closest I got to trapping one was locking it in the chicken coop where it couldn’t get out, but then I didn’t know what to do with it! If we had a bb gun I surely would have used it, but as it is, we only have a shotgun and Eddie forbade me to use it on the squirrels. He says it’s illegal to use in our backyard (for what reason, I can’t say) but really, would anyone blame me?

In any case, this is the summary for the twin’s 14th week – they were 13 weeks old (and officially aren’t newborns anymore!). They turned 3 months old this week.

Nap Disaster:
The subtitle says it all. This week we had a short-lived nap disaster, and it was totally my fault. I was thinking about the whole idea of a schedule serving you, rather than you serving the schedule. And as I sat there in the 90 degree house at 5pm I thought, I am certainly serving the schedule here. So I wrote out a 3 nap schedule for the babies in which the last nap ended at 4:30pm so we could get out of the house before dinner.

We tried it for 3 days. The first day it went ok, but the following two days were a complete mess. They had short naps, ate terribly, and woke up early in the morning. Yuck. It was terrible! I decided that there was simply no air conditioned store comfortable enough to make up for the upheaval it had on their sleep. So we returned to the 4 nap schedule they were doing before and surprise! all returned to normal.

Thankfully it cooled down later in the week so we were able to be home for that late afternoon nap without too much discomfort to the rest of us.

Night Time Sleep:
Night time sleep is good. We had a couple rough nights during the “nap disaster” period, but once I got them napping better, night time sleep improved.

I won’t bother writing out our 3 nap schedule because it was a total fail. Here is the schedule we returned to, which is working quite nicely:

6:00am DWT, nurse
7:05am Nap 1
9:05am Wake, nurse
10:15am: Nap 2
12:15pm Wake, nurse
1:25pm Nurse, nap 3
3:35pm Wake, nurse
4:45pm Nap 4
5:30pm Wake, nurse
6:45pm Nurse, then in bed by 7pm

One other change I just remembered is that I started nursing before the 3rd nap. This is for two reasons. First, on Sundays and other days where we are out for Nap 2, they short nap and need a long 3rd nap to make up for it. I don’t want them to go more than 3 hours or so without eating, so I have to nurse before nap 3 in order to let that nap go longer. Second, at some point they will only take one nap in the morning and one nap in the afternoon, and when that happens, I want to nurse them before and after the afternoon nap. So I’m preparing for that by starting to nurse before the afternoon nap now.

Sam has been rolling for a while, but this week the frequency definitely increased. At first I was going in to flip him back over onto his belly, but then I remembered how long I battled that with Abel and decided I just wasn’t up for the challenge. So I decided to just leave him on his back and see what would happen. To my surprise, he fell asleep that way! I have now found him on his back multiple mornings.

Beach Day:
We spent all day Saturday at the beach. Last time we went I had them nap on a blanket under a canopy. They did take one long nap that way, but then for the rest of the day I couldn’t get them to sleep. This time I got smarter and decided to bring along a pack n play. I put it under the canopy, covered most of it with towels, and put them down for naps at the regular times. They were fantastic! They took two 2-hour naps that way and we were able to spend almost all day there with no fussy babies. Wonderful!


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