When do you even have time to use the bathroom?

I’ve gotten variations of this question multiple times.

Or the common complaint from moms: “I can’t even go poop alone anymore!

I’ll be frank. If you can’t get 5 minutes alone in the day to drop a deuce behind a closed door, you probably have bigger problems in terms of parenting. It seems ridiculous to me that anyone’s children couldn’t entertain themselves for 3-5 minutes so you can use the restroom alone. Safety may require a mobile baby to be put in a playpen or crib of course, but certainly a mom should feel she has the right to do so.

I just can’t wrap my head around why this is a legitimate problem for so many moms.

Should you find yourself in the situation where you simply cannot get time to yourself for life’s necessities, here is a helpful blog. I stumbled upon it this week and thought it addressed the problem quite simply. The author uses the question “can it wait?” which is really a more eloquent variation of the question I pose to my kids through the door: “Is there blood?

If there’s no blood, it can wait. I am a mother and I deserve to poop in peace.


2 thoughts on “When do you even have time to use the bathroom?

  1. I agree! You’ve touched on an important issue: If the Mom is allowing the child to be the center of the universe to the point that she cannot even go to the bathroom, she is severely handicapping that child. It is good for children to realize that their Mom (and others in their world) also have needs.


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