Friday Favorites 8/19/2016

I think just about every blog I see has a “Friday Favorites” day where they post interesting things they did or saw throughout the week.

Being in the stage of life I find myself in, I rarely do anything interesting at all, but I do like to read. So perhaps I’ll do a Friday Favorites of my own.

BEST OF 8/12/2016-8/18/2016

Best I read:

>>John Rosemond’s July 2016 Columns – I specifically love how he addresses use of the phrase “because I said so“, which I recently realized I use with such frequency that Vera and Abel have started saying it to each other. As an example:

Vera: Abel, go get your shoes so we can go outside!
Abel: Why?
Vera: Because I said so!

>>This article that pretty much epitomizes what I think about the uselessness of taxpayer funded college and the need for more vocational schools. I don’t quite agree with using IQ as a determining factor for a student’s school track, but the rest of the article is SPOT ON.

Best I cooked:

>>White Peach Sangria: I think I started with this recipe a few years ago, but over time I’ve changed it a bit. I’ve also discovered if you let it soak long enough, you can pretty much use any white wine. If you only have a few hours, start with a better bottle.


Best I did:

>>I went to my second clothing swap. I just love these. With me quitting my job, we’ve put a moratorium on buying any clothes, which is hard because I’m in this super awkward in-betweener stage. I’ve lost a lot of weight since having the babies, but my pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit. This week’s swap was a total gold mine and I picked up multiple loose, flowy tops that will get me through. Fabulous finds, really, and totally FREE. Never been to a clothing swap? Here’s a quick run down. 

That’s it for this week. On to the weekend!


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