Twin Summary: 15 Weeks

IMG_7068This is a summary for the babies’ 16th week. They were 15 weeks old.

Has anyone done any research on whether or not prolonged exposure to a crying baby can make a person certifiably crazy? I swear I feel myself going a little insane sometimes. Sam just will. not. stop. crying. He sleeps great, eats great, but is unhappy about 90% of the time he’s awake. There is literally ONE position I can hold him in where he doesn’t scream.

This is not new – he’s been this way for a while now – but I think I’m more affected by it as time goes on because I just assumed it would have stopped by now. If a six week old cries it’s expected – he’s six weeks – but shouldn’t that perpetual fussiness stop by 15 weeks?

And poor Mercy, the girl never gets held! Although, being that she’ll contently lay on the floor for her entire time awake, she does get loved (slobbered) on quite a bit by the older two. That makes up for it, right?

Napping was great this week – the usual. Next week we will hopefully be dropping the 4th nap.

On the subject of napping, I took 2 naps this week myself! I don’t know what the explanation is exactly because the babies sleep through the night and I go to bed early myself, but I was absolutely exhausted this week. By four o’clock each afternoon I was legitimately concerned I would fall asleep standing up. So two of the days I took naps. I’m not sure how much it helped – I still felt run over by 4pm – but it was a better way to spend my time than sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling fan and just thinking about how tired I was.

Night Time Sleep:
I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last week Mercy started waking up at 4am every single morning. She’s not exactly crying… it’s more a combination of talking and whining. It doesn’t seem to keep anyone awake but myself so I just leave her to it. It continues on and off until I get her up in the morning. I remember Abel doing this too… hopefully it’s a phase that ends soon.

I wrote out a different schedule for each of the next four weeks. By making small changes to it each week, I should be able to accomplish my goals of:

  1. Moving DWT (desired wake time) to 7am
  2. Dropping from 4 naps to 3 naps
  3. Lining up the 2nd nap with the older kid’s nap

Here was our schedule this week. The 4th nap was a little weird because it was so short, but it seemed to work out fine. I didn’t like how they nursed so close together before bed, but next week the schedule will change and it will be a non issue.

6:15am Wake, Nurse (1)
7:30am Nap 1
9:30am Wake, nurse (2)
10:45am Nap 2
12:45pm Wake, nurse (3)
2:00pm Nap 3
4:00pm Wake, nurse (4)
5:15pm Nap 4
5:45pm Wake, nurse (5)
6:55pm Nurse (6), then straight to bed

A few weeks ago Sam stopped pooping 7 times a day and now both of them only poop about once a week. This is just delightful because it means I only have to change their diapers about twice a day. Three size 1 or two size 2 diapers is enough for 24 hours.

Sammy is rolling both ways, Mercy is not rolling either way.

I started a new running plan that should get me back to running 20-25 miles a week by mid November. The plan calls for super small increases each week which should make it very, very doable. I’m really looking forward to being in running shape again. After having my first two I went back to running 20 miles a week quickly because I had been jogging through the pregnancy, but this time I had to start from scratch. Oh well, slow progress is still progress.

Tired or not, I am still feeling so incredibly blessed to have these two munchkins in our family. Twins are just the neatest.



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