Mornings with Elisabeth Elliot

Typically we listen to music when we’re cleaning the house or I’m cooking dinner. And by music I definitely don’t mean that kid stuff. I knew before I even had kids I was not going to be the type of parent who fell prey to running sing along songs on repeat. Call this sad, but I don’t think my kids have any idea who BINGO is. Instead I’ve chosen to play only what I like to listen to and they have taken quite nicely to my selections.

But I digress.

Recently instead of putting on music, I’ve been working my way down a list of Elisabeth Elliot talks I found online. I heard of her Gateway to Joy program from a friend, and some of those reruns are available on demand each week, but this list comprises recordings of the talks she gave to various women’s groups over the years.

(Link to that list)

For some reason, Vera loves it. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Perhaps its the calming intonation of Elisabeth Elliot’s voice. A few mornings ago I asked her to unload the dishwasher and she replied “But will you put on that Elisabeth lady?

“It’s Mrs. Elliot to you, dear.”

So anyway, the whole thing has me thinking back to this one regret a mentor mom at our MOPs group shared with us last year. She said she always listened to political talk radio in the car when she was driving her kids to and from school or other activities and in retrospect she wishes she had put on something more meaningful. Most of the time it may just be white noise to them, but we never know what they may learn through osmosis. Certainly Vera has no idea what Mrs. Elliot is speaking with her about each morning as she unloads the dishes, but perhaps the constant flow of useful teaching through her ears will benefit her in some way down the line.

In the meantime, I’m just glad she’s never asked me to put on Kidz Bop.



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