Toddler Summary: 24 Months

My little Abel is 2 years old today! He is such a joy. Here is his summary at 24 months:

Abel is the best kind of napper. He naps for long periods of time, is super flexible about timing, and always waits contently for me to come get him when he wakes early.  I remember Vera at this age still needing nap time to be at a specific time each day in order for her to fall asleep, but Abel is not that way. I can put him down at 11:30 or at 1:30 and he still seems to sleep the same amount. He is in nap time for 3 hours each day, 2-3 hours of which he is actually sleeping.

Night Time Sleep:
Night time sleep is also great, although we have had a couple of nights over the past month where he wakes up crying around 4-5am. He seems very upset. Usually I pick him up, give him a sip of water, put him right back down, and he falls asleep without protest. I am thinking he is starting to have nightmares, perhaps. Otherwise, sleep is great.

Our routine really varies from day to day. Once the babies’ schedule becomes more firm with a morning and afternoon nap, Abel’s nap time will be more set in stone, but for now I just put him and Vera down after lunch, which changes from day to day. The start and end time of the day do not usually change. Generally, this is the flow:

7:15am Wake, drinks milk
7:30am Breakfast
7:45am Helps with chores around house
8:30am Independent Playtime
9:30am Run an errand, go to park, or play in backyard
12:00pm Lunch
12:15pm Sit on toilet to poop (yes, this is scheduled)
12:30pm Nap (ranges from 11:30 to 1:00, lasts 3 hours)
3:30pm Wake from nap, play in house or backyard
5:15pm Dinner
5:30pm Bath
5:45pm Play inside with Vera
6:30pm Spend time with dad
6:45pm Brush teeth, read books
7:00pm Bedtime

Eating is probably normal for his age. He skips some meals and eats very large quanitites at others. We continue to discourage pickiness by only offering the food that has been served. At times he protests this by flipping his plate or throwing pieces of food on the floor, which carries the natural consequence of ending the meal.

Potty Training:
Abel has been far more frustrating to potty train than Vera was. It’s been about 6 months since I initially potty trained him and he still has occasional accidents if I don’t actively take him to the toilet. He doesn’t tell me when he has to go. For the most part he is accident free, but I feel like he should really be able to tell me when he has to go by now. I almost think I need to start fresh and let him have accidents in order to train him to tell me when he has to go.

He is still wearing a diaper at naptime and night time, although I swore the last box of diapers I bought for him was going to be his last box of diapers period. We’ll see if I maintain the same fortitude when I find the box empty (in about a month).

Terrible Twos:
Abel was the most easy going kid I’d ever encountered until a few weeks ago. Right onw cue, the terrible twos have reared their ugly head and I find myself dealing with lots of disobedience and attitude. His two favorite words are “why?” and “NO!” As in,

Abel, give me that screwdriver please.

Or, even more frustrating,

Abel, give me that screwdriver please.

There is also lots of screetchy whining in totally uncalled for situations. Like, instead of just asking for his water like a normal person, he has to squeal, scream, and screetch like he’s trying to ask for water at the same time I’m ripping his toe off.

I’m sure I dealt with this exact same issue when Vera was 2, but I can’t remember specifically how I handled it. Disciplining and instructing a 3 year old is so much easier than a 2 year old because a 3 year old has a greater grasp on consequences. Obviously a toddler can be taught to be respectful and obedient, but I’m struggling to come up with a set game plan – specifically for when the disobedience happens at inconvenient times (like when I’m nursing the babies, when we’re out in public, or when I have a baby in one hand and am stirring eggs with the other).

Moving to a big bed:
We moved Abel to a big bed (a bunk bed) earlier this week. The first night I kept the crib in the room because I planned to use it as a consequence for if/when he got out of bed, but that was a total fail because he cried for his crib until I folded like a cheap suit and let him sleep in it. I was totally caught off guard – I was thinking he would have been pumped about his new bed!

In any case, the next day I disassembled his crib and moved it out and he slept in the big bed with no protesting whatsoever.

We are borrowing a video monitor from a friend so we can watch him and make sure he doesn’t get out of bed. I didn’t have the “no getting out of bed” rule with Vera (she was only expected to stay in her room) and I regretted that later. So with Abel I am actively teaching him to stay in bed until I get him in the morning. He has yet to try climbing out, but I’m sure it’s coming. In the meantime, I’ve decided that video monitors might be the only thing more addictive than rerun marathons of The Hills. I just can’t stop watching his little unsuspecting self. Too cute!

Abel was a late talker, but is now using quite a few words and speaking in (short) sentences. I’m glad I didn’t get my chonies in a bunch about him not saying a word at 18mo. What a waste worrying about it would have been!

Abel is naturally loving in a way I didn’t know kids that young could be. When Vera is upset about something, he runs off to find her blanket, and if he can’t find her blanket, he hands over his. If he sees someone crying, he comforts them without prompting. He seems abnormally empathetic.

On the flip side, his feelings are hurt easily and is sometimes pushed around because he fails to fight for himself. Hopefully as he grows he toughens up a little bit.


Happy second birthday little man.








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