Twin Summary: 16 Weeks

010befafdcb4d58b7a94a60b7cff2c19ec394d165e.jpgLet it be known that I have to look up my most recent twin summary every single week to know what to title the current week’s summary. I cannot for the life of me seem to remember how old my twins are.

But oh how they are growing! Today I am working on packing up all their 3mo clothes and unpacking the 6mo sizes. With my last two I used to think this was a really fun project, but today I feel really over it, possibly because there is both a boy set and a girl set to pack and unpack, but more likely because I’d just rather be sitting on the couch with my feet up reading People magazine.

This is a summary for the babies’ 17th week – they were 16 weeks old.

Nursing is the same. I tandem nurse all but maybe 2 feedings a week and they eat for about 5-7 minutes. I am nursing 6 times a day.

When I don’t tandem nurse, I’ve noticed that my milk lets down MUCH slower. They love to show me how dissatisfied they are with my speed of service by pulling off and shrieking like an injured animal.

Naps are great, per the usual. I really hit the nap jackpot with these two.

Night Time Sleep:
Mercy continued to wake at 4am for the first half of the week. Later on in the week she had a few nights that she didn’t wake at 4 and instead just slept through until DWT. I typically check on her right when she starts crying to make sure she doesn’t have an arm or leg stuck in the crib slats, but then I just leave her to it.

Huge progress with the schedule this week. I moved DWT 15 minutes later (it’s making its way toward 7am, which is the goal), I lengthened the wake time in between naps to 90min, and I got their 2nd nap almost perfectly lined up with the older two’s afternoon nap. If I can continue inching the morning wake up time later each week, when it gets to 7am they will be on the perfect schedule, which I hope to keep for a while.

6:30am Wake, Nurse (1)
7:50am Nap 1
10:00am Wake, nurse (2)
11:30am Nurse (3), then down for Nap 2
2:30pm Wake, nurse (4)
4:00pm Nap 3
5:30pm Wake, nurse (5)
6:55pm Nurse (6), then straight to bed at 7pm

Strict Babywise followers may notice that I nurse before the 2nd nap, which breaks from the Eat, Wake, Sleep cycle. I do that because I want them to take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon and in order to make that happen I have to nurse them before the nap. I do not nurse them to sleep – I nurse them and put them down awake.

Sam’s fussiness was slightly improved this week due to a couple of new things I tried. First, I borrowed my mom’s swing. I had a swing for my first two but neither liked it so I had given it away. I hate the clutter of having too many baby items like that in the house. Anyway, turns out Sam is the first child to actually like the swing. Putting him in it right after nursing gives me about a half hour of quiet before he gets his lungs exercising again.

The second calming place I found was bathtime with the older two. One night Vera and Abel were in the bath and Sam just wouldn’t shut up so I plunked him down in the bumbo in between them. He immediately stopped crying and sat there completely silent for the duration of bath time. I might have even seen him crack a smile.

Nothing else of note this week… Life continues as usual!



Sample Schedules





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