Friday Favorites

Yesterday I was visiting with a friend inside the house while Vera and Abel played in the backyard. I peeked out the window to see what they were up to and found they had improvised their own little ski slope on our hill. They’d taken the trash can lids off the trashcans in the side yard, hauled them up to the top of the hill and were using them like little sleds, holding on tight and whoooooshing down the hill, huge dirt clouds billowing around them. They were LOUD and DIRTY and they were having SO MUCH FUN. And I thought, now this is the best part of motherhood – watching your kids play, create, and have fun together. Is there a greater joy?

Happy Friday.

The Best I Read:

>>This blog on the down side of full day kindergarten. I was previously not looking forward to full day kindergarten because it puts pick-up time right smack in the middle of nap time, but this gives me a whole new reason to hate the concept. Public school kindergartens in our district are full day and you better bet I’m going to spend the whole year complaining about it.

>>This article on the general public’s views and opinions about who should be invited to weddings and who should foot the bill. We got married in Vegas with just my parents, sister, and brother in law, so we never really had to battle over who to leave off the guest list, but for some reason I still find the whole wedding drama and expense super interesting.

The Best I listened to:

>>When I was looking for the music to play at Christopher’s funeral in January I stumbled upon the perfect song. Among the multitude of completely random qualities Christopher possessed, he loved blue grass. So do I, actually. Sometimes when I’m missing him something furious, I put this on repeat. It’s a beautiful song, so I thought I would share: Someday by Blue Highway


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Even around here it’s all full day kindergarten! It was such a quick transition. When we lived in Indy there was one school in the district that had half day kindergarten. Even if you didn’t live in that zone you could drive your kid to half day kindergarten which is totally what I would do if I lived there. I get frustrated when I think about Ben going to full day kindergarten but then I remember that he’ll be 6 when he starts so that makes me feel better.

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