Twin Summary: 21 Weeks (5 Months)

This is the summary for the babies’ 22nd week – they were 21 weeks old. They turned 5 months old this week.

Toward the end of last week, I had decided for my own sanity I needed to TURN OFF THE WORRY about the babies’ weight gain. It took quite a bit of prayer and redirecting thoughts, but I was actually able to remain pretty calm about the whole thing. Worry is so pointless.

Anyway, one of my major areas of concern was what the doctor was going to say to me when I went to their weight check. I was pretty confident they were not going to gain the amount of weight they should, and I had the fear that when I told him I didn’t want to supplement with bottles because they appear to me to be totally satisfied, he would tell me I was a selfish mom who was more concerned about her desire to breastfeed than the health and well-being of her babies.

He did not.

Not even close. I was right that they didn’t gain the amount of weight they were supposed to (the goal was 0.5oz a day and they gained closer to 0.25oz), but they did manage to stay on their new, lower curve. The doctor basically told me he would defer to the lactation consultant. If she thought I had enough milk to feed both babies and that they appeared to be getting enough, he’d recommend continuing doing exactly what I’ve been doing the last two weeks – trying to get them to drink as much as possible – and then bring them back in a month for another weight check.

Whew. If he only knew the anxiety he had caused me in between the two appointments!

So anyway, that’s what we’re doing. I’m trying to nurse them as much as I can. I’ve noticed that they have gotten better at accepting feedings closer together. It’s still a little rough toward the end of the day. I think my supply is a lot lower then and they have to work much harder for it. Since I’m really clustering their feeds then, perhaps they aren’t that hungry and it’s difficult to get them to work for the milk. It can be pretty frustrating, but I’m pressing on. I think it will get easier when they drop their third nap and I can space out the afternoon feedings a bit better.

I am still pumping once a day – before I go to bed. I get between 2-5oz… which is pretty pathetic considering I’m nursing twins. I am still taking More Milk Plus.

Naps were still perfect. There was one day I thought they might be ready for a 2 nap schedule. I tried and they actually did pretty well, but they woke up twice in the night which I assume is because they were overtired. I put them back on a 3 nap schedule and will try again in a week or two.

Two nights this week they woke up in the night. With my older two, I never nursed in the night after they started sleeping through, but considering the weight issue here, I decided to feed them when they woke up. I nursed them separately and it was actually kind of sweet! Not that I’d want to start doing every night or anything, but I didn’t mind so much the two nights it happened. They went back to sleeping through after that.

This was our schedule for the week:

6:30am-7:00am Wake, Nurse (1)
8:15am-8:30am Nurse (2), then down for Nap 1
10:30am Wake, nurse (3)
12:30pm Nurse (4), then down for Nap 2
3:30pm Wake, nurse (5)
5:00pm Nurse (6), then down for Nap 3
5:45pm Wake, nurse (7)
7:00pm Nurse (8), then straight to bed

I actually happened upon the schedule I was using for Vera at 21 weeks. It looks like she had already dropped the 3rd nap and was going strong with 2 naps a day. Her nap schedule was as follows:

6:45- wake
8:45- nap
I’m glad to know she was already on 2 naps because I do feel like the babies will be ready soon. I don’t think I’ll do that schedule exactly because I want their afternoon nap to start earlier, but at least I have it as a reference point.

I did try giving them solids on two occasions this week. They were not enthusiastic about it at all. I think I will try once a week until they figure out what to do with them. The truth is, solids are kind of a pain, so I have no incentive to push it. On the other hand it might help with the weight issue a bit, so I figure it’s worth trying.

Both babies have been rolling for a while, but this week Sam really started getting mobile with the rolling. It’s hard to know if he is doing it intentionally at this point, but I’ll put him down in the living room and 10 minutes later I’ll find him in the kitchen. This week I am buying a play pen so I can limit the mobility while I’m busy doing things around the house.

I gave both babies a haircut this week. That probably sounds ridiculous because looking at a picture of them, they appear to be nearly bald. Au contraire, their hair is most definitely growing, because they had all these random LONG strands. It’s like some of the hair they were born with stopped growing but some of it continued on and suddenly it was 3 inches long. It was very uneven and weird so I just trimmed it.

I am hoping this is a sign that their real hair is starting to grow in.

Otherwise, not much of interest happened this week. Just a lot of sitting around and waiting for that big earthquake to hit…



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