Twin Summary: 23 Weeks

This is a summary for the babies’ 24th week – they were 23 weeks old.

Nursing is going well. I took the babies in to get weighed this week just to make sure they were continuing to gain. In between the two weight checks, Mercy gained 0.6oz a day and Sam gained 0.3oz a day. Isn’t it weird that they could have access to the same amount of milk, but one baby gained double what the other baby did?

With those weight gains, Mercy is totally in the clear but Sam is still what they’d call a slow gainer. I think I am going to start regularly doing solids with him and see if it helps with the weight gain before his 6mo appointment.

One other issue of note: Mercy has changed her latch. Obviously at this point the babies latch themselves and it has been a LONG time since I have had any pain while breastfeeding. This week something changed and she started pulling at my nipple until her latch was really shallow. If I made her get off, she would just relatch and do the exact same thing. It’s kind of painful! I asked the LC about it when I was in there getting their weight checked and she said sometimes that happens when a baby is teething. They like the feeling of the shallow latch because they can kind of gnaw on your nipple as they’re drinking. Awesome. I would be surprised if she got a tooth this early, but now I’m on the lookout for it!

I tried to push the 2-nap transition this week. I think they did 2 naps 5 of the days and 3 naps 2 of the days. I am aiming for 2 naps every day but if they wake up too early from their 2nd nap (like before 4pm), they can’t make it until bedtime without a little catnap in there.

Night time:
Last week I decided I was going to try to dream feed them every night instead of pump before bed. I have never consistently done a dream feed with any of the babies before – mostly because when they were newborns I wanted to go to sleep right after I put them to bed at night. Waking myself up to dream feed them seemed ridiculous.

I LOVE IT. I nurse them individually and they are all warm and sleepy and cuddly. It might be my favorite time of the whole day. Mercy resists it – she has a STRONG thumb sucking impulse and it’s sometimes difficult to get her to latch because she’s not that hungry and just wants her thumb. But I pin her arms down and eventually she gives in and starts nursing. Sam loves it. He could hang out there on my boob all night long. Previously when I tried to dream feed them it seemed to interrupt their night time sleep, but this week it didn’t. They slept through the night as usual. I think I will continue doing this until they are eating a hearty amount of solids.

I’ll post both the 2 nap and 3 nap schedules, since we’re in the middle of the transition:

2-Nap Schedule:
7:00am Wake, Nurse (1)
8:30am Nurse (2), then down for Nap 1
11:00am Wake, nurse (3)
1:15pm Nurse (4), then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, nurse (5)
6:00pm Nurse (6)
6:45pm Nurse (7), then straight to bed
9:00pm(ish) Dreamfeed (8)

3-Nap Schedule:
7:00am Wake, Nurse (1)
8:30am Nurse (2), then down for Nap 1
11:00am Wake, nurse (3)
1:15pm Nurse (4), then down for Nap 2
3:30pm Wake, nurse (5) – (We are forced into 3 naps when they wake before 4pm)
5:00pm Nurse (6), then down for Nap 3
5:45pm Wake, nurse (7)
7:00pm Nurse (8), then straight to bed
9:00pm(ish) Dreamfeed (8)

Big News in Shopping:
grocery shopping.jpgIt’s always cause for celebration when a baby is big and stable enough to sit in the front of a grocery cart. And just in time for my twins, many grocery stores have made the switch to the newer carts that have two spots up top (Costco, Aldi, and Food 4 Less all have them!). We went to Costco this weekend and the babes lasted the entire trip sitting in the front. OH HAPPY DAY! And cue the waterworks, they held hands the whole time.

I tried solids a few nights this week. Two nights I tried banana and two nights I tried sweet potato. Mercy will not open her mouth on command but if I shove the food in while her mouth just happens to be open she swallows it. I have no intention of force-feeding her food though, so in reality she just doesn’t eat solids at all yet. Sam seems to like it – he eagerly opens his mouth when the spoon is near, but he still has the tongue thrust reflex that prevents him from swallowing any significant amount of food.

The first few nights of the week were AWFUL. The Trazodone totally didn’t work. The doctor suggested I double the dose. I was so dizzy I couldn’t walk a straight line but I couldn’t sleep either. After doing some research I decided to throw in the towel on all the sleep medication and pursue a more natural fix. Ummmm… it WORKED. I think it’s been 4 nights… 3 of the nights I have slept more than EIGHT HOURS! One night I still had insomnia but I was able to get up and read since I wasn’t all groggy from the medicine. I am praying what I’m doing will continue working.

On Twins:
I know I’ve written this before, and I don’t mean to rub it in for all of you who weren’t blessed with twins, but they are hands down the neatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s absolutely incredible to see such a connection occur between two little babies.

I’ve been watching the documentary Twinsters on Netflix. It’s about these identical twin girls who are separated at birth and adopted into two different families. Neither of them has any idea they are a twin until they find each other in their early twenties. Despite having absolutely nothing in common in terms of upbringing, they have an instant connection. One twin talks about how she felt perpetually lonely growing up, even when she had friends or family around. Even as a child, she told her parents that she felt like something was missing in her life. Isn’t that incredible?! Twins are just the most magnificent freak of nature, and I get to watch, observe, and participate every single day. How great are your works, O Lord!



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  1. You could not have gotten through Costco too quickly with those adorable babies sitting in the cart…and your other two adorable ones in tow. People must have been ooohing and aaahing left and right!

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