Toddler Summary: 26 Months

To some extent it seems pointless to write down exactly what Abel’s doing right now at 26 months because truthfully he is so flexible that our daily schedule has quite a bit of flux to it. And aren’t kids just SO different at this age? Different sleep needs, food needs, behavioral needs. But I have a feeling when my twins are 26 months, I’ll appreciate having this all written down as a point of comparison. So here it goes.

Abel still lacks a gag reflex and seems to love the sensation of such a great quantity of food in his mouth that he literally cannot close his lips. As soon as he swallows a small portion of what’s in there, he stuffs more in. If I give him a whole muffin, he will literally shove the entire thing in at once. My dad is convinced he’s headed for stardom at the 2030 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

At some point before his first date, we’re going to have to address his peculiar eating habit, but for now I just leave it be.

Pickiness has definitely started to poke through into Abel’s eating habits… he probably skips 50% of dinners because he doesn’t want to eat what’s served. On the other hand, when he likes a food he can really pack it in. It is not unusual for him to eat 3 adult sized portions of oatmeal or 2 full Belgian waffles, for example.

Abel has pretty drastically reduced the number of hours he sleeps per day over the last couple of months. I think it’s partially tied to the move from the crib to a big bed, but it also might just be a low sleep-need phase. He is still in bed for 12 hours at night and 3 hours at nap time, but he only sleeps about 11 hours at night and 1.5-2 hours at nap time.

Abel is very flexible. He generally sleeps more if I put him down for a nap on the earlier side (closer to noon) but I haven’t been doing that much lately because I want his nap to line up with the babies’ nap, which happens closer to 1pm. He’s at the age where I don’t really care whether or not he’s sleeping at nap time as long as he’s mostly quiet.

7:15am Wake up, drink milk while I prepare breakfast
7:30am Breakfast (we read bible stories or do a little devotion during this time)
7:45am Abel plays while Vera and I clean up the kitchen
8:30am Independent playtime
9:30am Get dressed and ready, then read, play, or go outside
11:00am Run errands or go to park
12:30pm Lunch
12:45pm Poop
1:00pm Nap
4:00pm Up from nap, run errands or play outside
5:30pm Dinner
6:00pm Bath
6:30pm Read books
6:45pm Bed

Crib to Bed Transition:
This was as anticlimactic as it was with Vera. Initially I planned on strictly enforcing a “stay in bed” rule. I didn’t do this with Vera but I was thinking about how eventually Abel will share a room and I don’t want him getting out of bed and waking up whoever he is sharing a room with. In order to really enforce this rule, you kind of need a video monitor so you can intervene the moment they get out of bed. We don’t have a monitor so I borrowed one from a friend. Unfortunately about one week in Abel stuck a metal screw in between the two prongs where it was plugged into the wall and when I went to adjust it at the outlet a little explosion occurred, breaking the monitor and leaving us without electricity on that side of the house for a week. At that point I just threw in the towel and decided that as long as he stays in his room, I don’t really care whether or not he gets out of bed. He got out of bed for a few nights in a row but being that he doesn’t have any toys in his room, the novelty wore off and he now stays in bed without any enforcement necessary.

Potty Training:
As a recap, I started potty training Abel a little before 18 months. He took SO MUCH LONGER to get it than Vera, but we kept at it and he was pretty much accident free by 20 months (before the twins were born, which was the deadline). He did have a little regression after I had the twins but I just kept on keeping on and he went back to not having accidents. While I was day training him, I kept him in a diaper for naps and night time. About three weeks ago I decided to start night training him. He has been largely unsuccessful at night for the last 3 weeks but nap time is starting to show some improvement, with him waking up dry more than half the time. Initially I planned to stick with the night training for a month and then go back to diapers if he was still wetting every night, but honestly wetting the bed doesn’t wake him up so it’s not really that big of an inconvenience for me to continue on with it. I am more concerned that the nap dryness progress will be lost if I put him in diapers than I am inconvenienced by the sheet washing.

Two related notes: I’ve started taking him to the bathroom before I go to bed – so about 2.5 hours after his bedtime (like a dream pee). I actually love doing it. He’s so sleepy and cute! Second, in the last few weeks he has started telling me when he has to pee or poop and he is able to pull down his own pants and go. He still needs substantial help pulling them back up, but we’re working on it.

Terrible Twos:
Abel is in the full blown terrible twos. I find that I am ten times as calm about the whole thing this time than I was when Vera as going through the stage. Sometimes it’s even funny to me – like when he gets upset and folds his arms across his chests, stomps his foot, and pouts. Are you for real? You’re too cute to get your point across, Abel. Anyway, we’re working hard on FIRST TIME OBEDIENCE and I am seeing improvement… sometimes.

Abel has not yet reached the point where he is legitimately helpful with household chores. He is good at taking responsibility for his own messes – cleaning up his room, clearing his dishes off the table, throwing his trash away, wiping up water spills on the floor – but when it comes to cleaning the house, I pretty much just have to find something to occupy him (like wiping windows) so Vera and I can actually get things done. He WANTS to help, but he’s terrible at it, so he really just gets in the way.

world book.jpgGoing to the library with all four children at this age is a mess, so lately I’ve been going at night after I put the kids to bed. I just pick out 10-20 random books and bring them home for us to read. A few weeks ago I picked out the book The World is Waiting for You and Abel is obsessed. We read it together at least twice a day and he “reads” it to himself often. He has started to memorize some of the pages so I let him fill in the blanks as I read. Isn’t it funny to see which books kids are attracted to? I have NO idea what he likes about this one, but it’s going on his Christmas list for sure.

Abel’s favorite toys are his Marvel action figures (Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron Man) and his He-man action figures (which my mom saved from when my brother was little). He had a brief obsession with Vera’s Jasmine barbie doll, but thankfully that seems to have passed. Recently he has started asking to play with wooden blocks during Independent Playtime and it’s fun to see what he builds!

Well, that’s about it for Abel at 26 months. He’s still the most sensitive, loving little dude and I’m sure lucky to have him!

abel 26mo.jpg


Sample Schedules

Toddler Summary: 24 Months


3 thoughts on “Toddler Summary: 26 Months

  1. How do you handle night (or nap) potty training when you as the parent decide that you won’t go in to get them up until their DWT regardless of how early they wake? Did you listen for either of your kids to wake up and then run in to take them potty and then have them go back to bed until DWT? My son does some major pooping after waking from naps/nights and I’m not sure how to handle the potty training aspect of this without ditching our DWT! If he wakes sometimes at 6:45am but DWT isn’t until 7:30, then it doesn’t really matter how dry he is at waking if I’m not planning to take him potty right when he wakes up. Do I just wait until he’s capable of taking himself to his little potty and expect that he go back to bed? Ahh potty training!!


    • I put a potty in the room. Both my older two wake up sometime in the early morning, go pee in the potty, and then get back in bed. My oldest is probably old enough to handle coming out of her room, using the bathroom in the hall, and going back to her room, but I just don’t want to mess with it so even she (at age 4) still has a potty in her room at night time.

      Poop would obviously still be an issue – even with a potty in the room – because they need to be wiped. In general, I really try to get my kids pooping on a schedule. I know that sounds crazy, but I think most bodies (adults and kids) can get used to pooping at the same time every day. In the beginning stages of potty training, I really worked to get my kids pooping after lunch, before the afternoon nap. I did this by a) making them sit on the toilet for a while (set a timer) and b) bribing them (if you go poop right now I will give you an m&m). Once they started regularly pooping after lunch, they stopped pooping during sleep times. My son will still sometimes poop at times other than after lunch (some days he poops 3-4x a day!!) but the “main poop” (gross) is after lunch. So in your case I would probably 1) put a potty in his room for pee 2) tell him to call you if he has to go poop 3) work on getting him to poop at some other time of day (after a meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner).


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