Twin Summary: 26 Weeks (6 Months)

This is the summary from the babies’ 27th week – they were 26 weeks old and turned SIX MONTHS!

Everyone tells me the first year with twins is the hardest (ahem, even people who’ve never had twins themselves). We’re 6 months in, and so far it just hasn’t been that bad. I’m sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s definitely had it’s hard moments – the ups and downs of breastfeeding and their sickness last week – but overall it just hasn’t been that much different than having one baby. The first year with any baby is hard.

I am thinking the difficulty must begin when they start crawling. It does sound quite challenging. We will see!

This week was great in terms of getting back on a schedule after sickness. I completed their transition to 2 naps a day and dropped the dream feed (which I had started at 5mo). They did very well.

On the other hand, it wasn’t a great week for me personally. On Thursday morning I was in a public bathroom chit chatting with a woman when this happened:

Her: Oh what cuties. How old are they?
Me: This is Vera. She’s three and a half. Abel here is two and the babies turned 6 months today!
Her: Oh wow! You have your hands full. AND you’re expecting another?

No. No, no, no, no, no. She did NOT just say that. Yep, she said that. OUCH.

Really, I can’t blame her. My arms and legs have slimmed down quite a bit thanks to consistent running (although I’m still a bit pudgier than my pre-pregnancy self) but my stomach just… hasn’t. I’ve been complaining about how I still look pregnant for months, so it really shouldn’t surprise me to have gotten verbal confirmation. But again, OUCH.

The next low occurred 12 hours later, when I was awoken in the night by my most unwelcomed friends, the barfs. I hugged the toilet every 30-60 minutes from 2am to 10am Friday morning. It was rough.

One funny story did come of it, though. At 7am the babies woke up and I was in their room nursing them when I felt the familiar urge to vomit. Anyone who has tandem fed twins knows that once they’re on, they’re on. You can’t easily take them off and run to the bathroom. It’s too much of a process. So I scream for Eddie to come help but he doesn’t hear me because his response to me puking all night was to put a down pillow over his head. So I call out to Vera, who is still in bed. She comes in and I tell her to run and get me a bowl from under the kitchen island. She obeys without question, runs to get a bowl, and comes back just as I start heaving… with a colander.

Is there anything that makes mothering more difficult than being sick?

Anyway, this is supposed to be a weekly twin summary, so let’s get back to the twins:

Nursing was great this week! No comments or complaints.

They mostly recovered from their cold so I decided to go full force into transitioning them from 3 to 2 naps. As I predicted, the key to making it work was a by the clock schedule. It never seems to work well for me to try slow transitions – flipping back and forth. I set the schedule and left them in nap time for the full duration, regardless of when they woke up. They took to it very quickly. I’m loving the 2 nap schedule!

Last week they had started waking up at night. I thought it because they were sick (which it may have been) but they continued to wake even after they recovered. I started to think that maybe the dream feed was disrupting their natural sleep rhythms. So late in the week I dropped the dream feed and they have slept much better since. They are back to sleeping 12 hours at night. They woke early this morning (probably due to the time change yesterday) but I left them and they went back to sleep eventually.

This is our schedule. I am sticking to it pretty strictly until it really becomes routine.

7:00am Wake, Nurse (1)
7:30am(ish) Breakfast (purees – like 1oz)
8:35am Nurse (2), then nap 1 at 8:45
11:00am Wake, nurse (3)
12:00pm(ish) Lunch (purees – 1oz)
1:00pm Nurse (4), then nap 2 by 1:15pm
4:00pm Wake, nurse (5)
5:30pm Nurse (6) – sometimes I only nurse Sam here. Mercy doesn’t seem to want to eat.
5:45pm(ish) Dinner (purees 1-2oz)
6:45pm Nurse (7) then in bed at 7pm
No dream feed or MOTN feedings

This week Sam really turned a corner. He is doing great with the solids. Mercy is still struggling. Actually, I’m not sure struggling is really the right word. She’s just apathetic about them. I am glad to see Sam eating though. I know the caloric value of such a small amount of food is low, but somehow it still relieves some of the pressure on me. I love breastfeeding them, but I also look forward to the ratio of milk to solids changing – that point where they need more food than they do milk.

We got some high chairs this week from Ikea. I love how they stack!

I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but Sam is STILL a really fussy baby. It’s not all the time – but it’s about 90% of the time that he isn’t sleeping, eating, or being held. Let me tell you, that boy has a WILL. He will cry indefinitely until someone picks him up. As soon as he’s held, he immediately stops crying. This tells me he is totally fine – it’s not hunger or discomfort or fatigue. He just likes to be held and boy oh boy he’s willing to fight for it.

I keep thinking it’s going to get better with each passing month, but it doesn’t. I hold him as much as I reasonably can, but with 3 other children to take care of, he’s left to spend a pretty significant amount of time crying. Sometimes it gets to me, sometimes it doesn’t. All things considered, he’s a great baby. He sleeps like a champ, eats well, and doesn’t mind the car seat or the stroller. I’m thankful. But come on. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO PUT HIM DOWN IN PEACE?

That’s it for this week. I sure love these babes!


Sample Schedules

Naps “By the Clock”


3 thoughts on “Twin Summary: 26 Weeks (6 Months)

  1. The colander story will forever crack me up. I’m so sorry though- how completely awful! I love the picture of them in the highchairs. They’re just so cute!


    • Thanks for the suggestion about the high chairs! I’m loving them so far. I do think I’ll need a tray though – and then they won’t stack so well (boo). But beggars can’t be choosers… they were $15. Also I’ve already tripped on the legs (which stick out) like five times. Where is my spacial awareness? Anyway, thanks!


      • I suggest this highchair to anyone who will listen and so far everyone has loved it! That’s really funny about tripping on it because I have a tiny kitchen and I haven’t done that. Maybe it’s because the highchair has always been in here. If I added it in, I’d probably trip too 🙂 And yeah- a bummer that they don’t stack well with the trays. I wonder if you can find the trays on a Facebook garage sale page?


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