Happy Thanksgiving, Love Errol Morris

I know everyone else on the planet is going to post today about what they’re thankful for. I’m thankful too. I have more things to be thankful for than I could have possibly even planned for myself. It’s not just the big things either – it’s the little things, like the hot cup of coffee steaming next to me as I type this out, my cute 2017 day planner from Target (a new, FRESH start), and a husband who humors me when I tell him I want to get in bed at 8pm.

But today as I was reflecting on the upcoming holiday, my mind wandered back to my first Thanksgiving with Eddie. Our families were both spending it with the in-laws and we were left to go it alone. We baked a turkey breast, cracked open some beers, and spent the entire afternoon watching old Errol Morris Miller High Life commercials.

These are hands down the best commercials of all time.

And watching them on repeat is my most favorite memory of any Thanksgiving thus far because that was the afternoon I started falling in love. How many blessings have come from the love that was sparked on that day eight years ago? So much – TOO MUCH – to be thankful for.

So in honor of that Thanksgiving and my very own High Life Man, here my top five favorites for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.

The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs:



Hot Dog:


Other favorites:

Trash Compactor
Broken Window
Deviled Egg

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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