Twin Summary: 29 Weeks

This is a summary for the babies’ 30th week. They were 29 weeks old.

I am really loving our schedule right now. I know eventually I will tire of the babies taking two naps every day and I will want to push them into just one afternoon nap, but for now I just love the way their morning nap fits in with the older kids’ schedules. We use that time to clean up the house, get the older kids dressed and ready, do IP (while I take a shower), and have some reading time. It can at times be chaotic when all 4 kids are awake and out of their rooms, so I really cherish the moments I have with just the older two.

Here’s what else is going on:

I have been watching to see if my supply took a dip since I dropped the dream feed. I haven’t noticed them being dissatisfied after a feeding like they want more, but at times I do wonder about their diapers. They poop A LOT since starting solid food, but they seem to pee less. Is that just in my head or is it real? I remember thinking Abel didn’t pee very much either. It’s always been confusing to me what the doctor means when he asks how many wet diapers there are per day. Does he mean how many have a little pee in them (like if you have a disposable with a colored stripe, it would have changed color) or does he mean how many times do you change their diaper a day?

I guess the best I can do is go off their cues – and they seem fine – so I guess I’m still making enough. My boobs are still hard as rocks in the morning.

Naps are great. Nothing new to report.

The last few weeks I think I mentioned occasional “yelping” in the night where one of them would cry out for like 10 seconds and then go completely silent. That has stopped. I even had one night this week where I MYSELF slept through the night. I went to bed at 9ish and didn’t wake up until 5:20. It was GLORIOUS!

This is our schedule. We follow it pretty closely. Sometimes Sam wakes up earlier than Mercy from the afternoon nap and I’ll get him up and nurse him separately so she can keep sleeping. Other than that, both babies follow the same schedule to a T.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:45am Breakfast
8:40am Nurse, then down for Nap 1
10:30-11:00am Wake, Nurse (if they are awake, I get them up at 10:30, if they are asleep I let them sleep until 11am and then wake them)
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
3:30-4:30pm Wake, Nurse (if they are awake, I get them up at 3:30, if they are asleep I let them sleep until 4:30pm and wake them).
5:00pm Dinner
6:45pm Nurse, then bedtime
No MOTN feedings or wakings

I started shifting from purees to regular food this week. I still puree some things that seem difficult to eat in their regular form, but most things I am just cutting up small and giving to them.

Sam loves to eat. Loves, loves, loves to eat. He has a really hard time watching Mercy eat. Even if I feed him first and he receives a hefty helping of food, he will cry when he sees me put the spoon in Mercy’s mouth. Jealousy, already?! On the other hand, we’ve been trying to get that guy to smile for months, and it turns out all we needed to do was give him a good breakfast:


I am actually shocked that Sam isn’t crawling yet. He is so strong and spends much of his time in the plank position. He certainly has the strength for crawling… he just hasn’t figured out the coordination part yet I suppose. Mercy’s still a lazy noodle. I don’t see crawling coming anytime soon for her (which is JUST FINE with me).

Back Ache:
Yesterday when I went to pick up the babies from the nursery at church there was a woman standing up bouncing both of them on her hips. I said “Wow! You’re pretty good at that! Most people don’t feel comfortable holding both babies.” “I have my own twins!” she said. That totally makes sense – she clearly had lots of experience holding 2 babies.

I mention that as a segway to explain how a twin mom holds two babies ALL the time. I am constantly picking one off the ground, bending down and picking up the other. I am constantly carting both babies to and from the car, into and out of their high chairs. And it is seriously wearing on my body. I also know I have terrible posture while nursing – I kind of have to bend over for them to both latch on and I think that hunched position contributes to the pain.

I don’t know that there’s anything I can do about it – lifting babies is just part of the job. But oh the pain!


We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving and the joy just carried through the weekend. Saturday we decorated for Christmas and roasted smores in the fireplace. We almost convinced ourselves it was actually cold outside. I am so looking forward to the holiday season with these four littles.




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One thought on “Twin Summary: 29 Weeks

  1. I LOVE the picture of all 4 of them. So sweet!! I remember loving when Lauren went down to 2 naps for the same reasons. It was just so nice! But soon I was just ready for 1 nap a day. I’m living up my last 7 months of freedom until I’m a slave to the nap schedule again 🙂

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