12 months of New Year’s Resolutions

I have not made a New Year’s resolution in many years. The last one I can really remember was the year I gave up chocolate and realized my stubborn inability to capitulate landed me a full year without one of the most delicious culinary delight ever created. No chocolate? Kill me now.

But last year after finishing a group study on the book Creative Counterpart, I decided that in 2017 I would take the author’s advice to make a list of all the areas I need to improve and then focus on one area per month. Instead of either making one resolution to stick to the entire year (at the expense of all the other areas that need work) or attempting a full-life makeover (halfheartedly addressing every issue), I decided this year I would pick one area of my life to work on per month. Twelve months, twelve areas.

The idea, of course, is not that come February I completely abandon January’s area of focus, but that spending a full month focusing on one single aspect of my life will leave me with some newly developed habits that do in fact carry over into the next months.

This is only a theory, so we will have to see how it actually pans out. Perhaps in 2018 I will go back to being the type whose only resolution is to never again make New Year’s resolutions.

Year 2017 Areas of Focus:

January: Dietary Self-Discipline
February: “The Marriage Bed”
March: Prayer
April: Organization
May: Submission
June: Scripture Memorization
July: Idleness
August: Gentleness
September: Admiration (Complimenting Others)
October: Anxiousness
November: Thankfulness
December: Patience


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