Toddler Summary: 28 Months

This is the summary for Abel at 28 months.

7:15am Out of room
7:30am Breakfast
7:45am Clean up kitchen
8:00am Silent reading time
8:20am Get dressed, then play or read
9:30am Independent Playtime
10:30am Clean up, get ready to leave house
11:00am Errands, park, or play outside
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nap
4:00pm Up from nap, read, run a quick errand or play
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Bath, get ready for bed
6:30pm Read
7:00pm Bedtime

Abel continues to eat large quantities at some meals and completely skip other meals. I do not give snacks, but I haven’t been making him eat his refused dinner for breakfast the next morning either. I initially wasn’t doing that because it seemed like his refusal had more to do with not being hungry than not liking the food, but now that I see it turning into clear pickiness I am ready to fight the big fight and force him to eat whatever I serve – either that night for dinner or the next morning for breakfast.

Last time I mentioned that Abel’s sleep totals seemed to have gone down. This was only temporary. Now I am having to wake him up from naps after 3 or even 4 hours multiple days a week.

He DOES NOT like being woken up. When I wake him up, he is in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

But what I do? Let him nap until 6pm?

Bedtime is too important, so I wake him at 4:30 or 5.

Silent Reading Time:
A reader commented on a post a few weeks ago that she did Silent Reading Time with her kids and I knew immediately it was something I wanted to start incorporating into our daily routine. Since I’m working with a 2 and a 4 year old here, Silent Reading Time only lasts about 15 minutes, but as they get older I hope to get to where we are doing more like 30. Neither of mine read yet but the consistency of doing this over long periods of time will hopefully help foster a love of books – or at the very least, teach self-control and stillness. It is good practice for a 2 year old to have to sit quietly for that long.

Generally we do it shortly after breakfast. They clear the table, go to the bathroom, and then pick out a few books to sit on the couch with. I set the timer on the oven for 15 minutes once they are seated and quiet. The timer prevents what would otherwise be whining throughout (are we done yet?).

Vera does really well at silent reading time. She flips through books quietly and only gets up to pick out a new book to flip through. Abel still needs some direction throughout. He has no problem sitting on the couch and flipping through books, but he tends to start making animal or fighting sounds as he’s reading. I think he doesn’t fully understand the meaning of the word SILENT yet. But we are getting there. The more we do it, the better he will get.

Potty Training:
The big news here is that Abel is staying dry every nap and many (most?) nights now. I stopped taking him for a “dream pee” a few weeks ago because he was getting upset by the fact that I woke him up (this dude loves to sleep). He has since learned to get out of bed and use the potty  by his bed in the morning when he wakes up before getting back in bed to wait for me to get him up.

I need to write a post about night time potty training at some point in the future because I tried multiple things worth mentioning that DIDN’T work before he had success, including a potty alarm and a cold shower consequence (for peeing in bed while awake, not asleep of course).

In the last few months Abel has gotten good at cleaning his own room (by that I mean picking up his toys, not dusting the baseboards). He needs a lot less direction than he used to. I can now say “Abel, go clean your room” and expect that the toys will be picked up and put away in their proper place.

We still need to work on incorporating other chores. I know I should be teaching him things but I tend to focus on Vera since she just does a much better job. Something to work on for the next few months, anyway.

Indoor/Outdoor Voice:
The big concept we have been working on lately is the difference between an indoor and an outdoor voice. A few weeks ago I found myself frustrated by the fact that Abel just wasn’t getting it. He either didn’t understand that there was a difference between the appropriate volume in the house vs. in the backyard or he did understand and he was routinely disobeying. At one point I was so exasperated with it that I told him the next time he used his outdoor voice inside I would put him outside. And exactly 2 minutes later when he used his outdoor voice, I followed through on the threat. I opened the front door, put him outside on the mat, and closed the door.

He was very confused.

A minute later I opened the door and asked him if he would like to come inside. Yes, he said. Well then you have to use your indoor voice. Your indoor voice is for inside and your outdoor voice is for outside. When you use your outdoor voice inside, you get put outside.

I have since used this strategy multiple times and I think he finally made the connection. We are having less incidences of loudness inside and when it does happen, he is quick to correct himself lest he be put outside again.

Abel is still a loving little boy. He shares well and forgives easily, making him a great companion for his older sister.




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