Twin Summary: 36 Weeks

This is a summary for the babies’ 37th week. They were 36 weeks old.

It’s worth noting that I am almost nine months postpartum at this point and am almost to my pre-pregnancy weight. The whole “nine months to put it on, nine months to get it off” thing was true this time around. That said, I still look visibly pregnant. I can hide it with loose shirts, but it’s there. A belly. Sometimes it’s so big by the end of the day that I worry I’m actually pregnant.

I know there are exercises you can do to address the issue, but it’s just not in me right now. Instead I’ll just sit here, whine about it, and hope that in another nine months it’s magically gone.

Also worth noting, the babes are still in their “only cute if you love them” phase. I forget when babies actually make the transition into legitimate cuteness. I thought it was 9 months, but maybe it’s 12?

I am pushing the morning nap closer to 9am. Sometimes they don’t make it until then, but most mornings I start nursing them at 8:50 or so and they are in their cribs by 9am. Otherwise, no changes.
7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:45am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
11:00am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm-1:15pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime (at 7pm)

Mercy has been sick with a cold the last few days and is not nursing well. I do start to worry about keeping up my supply at times, but then I catch myself and remember my commitment to NOT WORRY ABOUT SUPPLY. She is not really eating either, so I assume at some point when she feels better she will be very, very hungry and can bring my supply back up.

Also of note: there hasn’t been much biting going on the last few weeks, but there was one instance a few days ago where Mercy bit and would absolutely not let go. She just clamped her little jaw on there and hung on for dear life as I yelped and frantically tried to get her off. The whole event probably only lasted 30 seconds, but if you’ve ever had a set of teeth snap on the end of your nipple with the force of an alligator, you know it’s 30 seconds too long. She did not draw blood, but I did have a bruise to show for it. Oh, the joy of breastfeeding.

Naps are awesome. They are still sleeping around 5-5.5 hours during the day (split between 2 naps). Hate me.

Nights were all normal except for one. Last night Mercy woke up with a fever around 10pm. She went from silent to shrieking in about 5 seconds so I got in there right away, but unfortunately not before she had woken Sam. I picked Mercy up and first tried to nurse her, hoping it would calm her down. Not only did it not quiet her down, it sent Sam into a total tizzy (oh, jealousy). Afraid all the noise would wake the other two kids, I went over and picked Sam up, trying to bounce them both into silence. No luck. Two screaming babies.

I ended up taking both into my bedroom and asking Eddie to hold Sam so I could focus on giving some medicine to Mercy. He calmed Sam down while I got the medicine, gave it to Mercy, and then nursed her a bit before laying her down. I then got Sam and put him back in the crib. Seeing that Mercy was already in her crib, he was agreeable to the idea of me laying him down, and both went back to sleep.

I have to figure out a better way to handle these types of situations in the future because I don’t want to be waking my husband up every time a baby needs something in the night. I know some families operate with shared middle of the night responsibilities, but seeing as though he has to work in the morning, it never seems quite fair to me.

Perhaps tonight I will leave a syringe with the correct dosage of medicine in the room so it’s quick and easy to administer if necessary. Then I’ll just shut the door and do my best to calm both babies as quickly as possible so no one else is woken up.

Any twin moms with other tips and suggestions? I’m all ears.

I am having the babies feed themselves at breakfast each morning, but spoon feeding them at lunch and dinner.

I use the same spoon to feed them. I used to use two spoons, but then I figured they spend all day sharing nipples and slobbering on each other, so what’s the point. One less dish to wash.

Mercy has started to sort of move. It’s not an army crawl. It’s more like a snake crawl. It takes her ten minutes to get about one foot, but she gets there. She is also sitting up for brief periods of time (if I put her in that position).



Twin Summary: 35 Weeks

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