Twin Summary: 37 Weeks

Cold season swept through our house this week and left no one untouched.

You know us moms hate to admit that we actually sometimes relish when our little ones are sick because of all the cuddles and love they want?

That does not apply to twins.

It was terrible! Both babies were sick at the same time with major congestion and reoccurring fevers. Both babies wanted to be picked up, carried around, cuddled with and loved on… alone. Not only can constantly holding them both be logistically difficult, it was apparently unsatisfactory and they sure let me know.

Tough week, I say! Tough week.

This is the summary for the babies’ 38th week. They were 37 weeks old.

Nursing was no bueno this week. They were stuffed up and totally uninterested in nursing. For two days I severely limited the amount of solid food offered, hoping it would cause them to nurse more, but it didn’t.

At the beginning of the week – before they were really sick – I participated in a remembrance walk for my brother. It was 11 miles and took a few hours because we weren’t exactly power walking so I had to nurse along the way. Mercy wanted nothing to do with it – she wouldn’t nurse the entire time. Sam on the other hand was quite adaptable, even being willing to nurse while I walked. Now if that isn’t the epitome of multitasking…

Toward the end of the week (when they were starting to feel better) my husband and I had our first overnight date since the babies were born. It was fabulous! The babies stayed at my moms and she tried to give them a bottle at every feeding, but they refused each time. I guess we missed the window for bottle taking. Oh well.

The last two days nursing has gone back mostly to normal.

Oh! One more thing. Last week after I posted about the biting and clamping scenario a friend suggested I pinch Mercy’s nose shut if she does it again. This cuts off their ability to breathe through the nose so they have to open their mouth and release your nipple. Unfortunately, Mercy offered multiple opportunities for me to test it out this week. It works wonderfully! There have been lots of bites but she quickly releases each time after I pinch her nose.

The sickness might have rocked their awake time a bit, but their sleep was incredible. Most nights I put them to bed closer to 6pm and they slept until I woke them up at 7am. Their naps were solid as well.

Mercy did wake one night in the middle of the night with a fever. After giving her medicine I decided to nurse her. She probably didn’t need to nurse and it’s not something I usually did when my other kids were sick, but because she wasn’t nursing well during the day I figured it was worth doing. Nursing at night is just the sweetest. I mean, I don’t want to make it an every day habit or anything – don’t get me wrong – but once in a while, it can be quite nice.

She went back to sleeping through the night the night after.

This was the general schedule we followed, although honestly they slept quite a bit more. I often put them down for a nap earlier than 1 and down for bed around 6. It sounds a little extreme, but they really did sleep 18-19 hours a few days this week.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:45am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
11:00am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime (at 7pm)

Sibling Rivalry:
A few weeks ago I mentioned that Sam often enjoys pummeling Mercy. He climbs right on top of her and she (obviously) hates it. This week I noticed she started giving it back a little. She doesn’t have the strength to climb on him yet, but if he gets too close she grabs his hair and yanks. Now, I’m not exactly encouraging hair pulling here, but I mean, I’m glad she’s at least fighting back a little now.

That wraps up this week. Here’s to a healthier week ahead.


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One thought on “Twin Summary: 37 Weeks

  1. Your poor mom- that’s so sad! My kids never took a bottle either. I was too lazy to keep up with that. So glad you guys had a fun night away!


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