Twin Summary: 38 Weeks

This is a summary for the babies’ 39th week. They were 38 weeks old.

There are many times during the week that I think “I have to remember to write that down this week!” and then it comes time to actually summarize my week and I can’t for the life of me remember what I wanted to say. My memory is failing me. It’s early onset dementia. You think I’m joking but I googled the stages of dementia and I can identify with every single one of the bullet points listed under “mild dementia”:

  • memory loss of recent events
  • personality changes
  • getting lost or misplacing objects
  • difficulty with problem-solving and complex tasks, such as managing finances
  • trouble organizing or expressing thoughts

But then, really, what mom can’t? There’s too much going on to remember where I put my keys, what I did yesterday, or whether or not I brushed everyone’s teeth. And as for “trouble expressing thoughts”… you try explaining complex concepts to an inquisitive four year old. That girl puts me at a loss for words multiple times a day.

Anyway, back to the things that happened this week.

In BIG WORLD NEWS, Eddie wore a baby for the first time in history. When Vera was a baby and I suggested he carry her in the bjorn one time and he responded OVER MY DEAD BODY, he probably didn’t anticipate there were twins down the pike. And even now that we have the twins, he has stubbornly refused to put on a baby carrier for the last nine months, at times going to considerable difficultly to avoid what he considers to be an undeniable loss of manhood. “The Feminization of Men” he calls it. I don’t know. He might be right. I know my dad wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing a baby carrier either.

Anyway, Saturday morning we decided to go for a little family hike and although he initially insisted on just holding the baby, the incredible inconvenience of holding a baby while helping a two year old navigate a rocky incline eventually outweighed his pride. He broke down and put on the Ergo. And obviously I documented it:

Big changes a-happenin’. Big changes.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:45am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
11:00am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime (at 7pm)

Nothing new to note. I’m still occasionally getting bit. It still hurts.

Naps are perfect. A few times this week I woke them up closer to 3:45pm/4pm from their afternoon nap so we could get to the park before dinner. They were fine for a while but really broke down come 6pm, so I did an early bedtime. I know it seems crazy that they sleep from 1-4:30 every afternoon, but they really do seem to need that long of a nap or they can’t make it until bedtime.

Nights were okay. We were still dealing with some lingering sickness so one baby or the other woke up about every other night. Not ideal, obviously, but it could be worse. I am going to get them back on track this week.

Mercy is army crawling. Sam is pulling up to his knees.

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but Mercy is the easiest baby in the history of babies. This is no knock on the other three, but finding out there are babies like Mercy is like discovering the existence of unicorns. I just had no idea God made babies like her. She rarely cries. Like, almost never. Even when something cry-worthy happens like she gets her legs stuck in the bars of the play pen:


Did she cry about this troublesome position she found herself in one afternoon? Nope. She just laid there and sucked her thumb until I came by, noticed her situation, and helped wiggle her out.

She doesn’t cry before bed (ever), she doesn’t cry when I feed Sam before her, and she doesn’t cry when I leave her in the stroller for two hours at the park while the other kids play.

She cries so little that I would worry she has some sort of psychological problem, if it weren’t for her excessive happiness. She also smiles, giggles, and laughs more than the other three ever did at this age.

I guess she’s just a happy baby.

Well, that’s it for this week.


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4 thoughts on “Twin Summary: 38 Weeks

  1. Love that family picture! Baby wearing a kid that size on the back is NOT feminine. It’s manly! Michael didn’t love it either, but he’s so much stronger it just makes sense. Also, I love that Mercy is just so sweet- what a blessing.


  2. Well, he kept his manhood by having the boy on his back (that’s what it looks like) and a boy by his side! What a great picture. I have never even thought that carrying a baby on ones back was a masculine or feminine thing!…being married to a man that carried kids on his back naturally!


  3. Way to go Eddie. Cutest family photo too. 🙂 I loved that you said that “finding out that there are babies like Mercy is like discovering the existence of unicorns.” That made me smile and laugh out loud at the same time! One of the things I love most about you, Cole, is the great amount of delight that you have in your children.


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