Twin Summary: 41 Weeks

Anyone who knows me knows I have totally bi-polar feelings for Aldi. I love the prices. I love the quality. I hate the store. I’m absolutely convinced the founders of Aldi sat around a conference table and batted around ideas of how to make Aldi as mom-unfriendly as possible.

We could make them pay for their shopping carts!

Oh yes! Yes! And with quarters only! Don’t let them use dimes and nickles. And no dirty quarters!

I like your thinking. What if we made them bring their own bags? Oh! And bag their own groceries – AFTER we load the cart so they have to take out all the food and repack.

Yes! Yes! And move their kids from one cart to another in order to do so!

Good idea. Should we make them park a half mile away and walk to the front to purchase their cart before they walk back to the car and put the kids in?

Definitely. We’ll make everything super inexpensive so they simply can’t resist. But let’s only buy enough sale-priced chicken to last through Friday so they can’t wait and go shopping on the weekend when their husband is home to watch the kids.

Perfect! I like your thinking. This is going to be the worst shopping experience ever!

The savings from shopping at Aldi is great enough that I go there every week, week after week, despite the torture. This month I’ve actually been going twice a week because I collected $10 off $40 purchase coupons from everyone I could and have been trying to not spend over $40 per trip so I maximize the savings.

What does this have to do with anything? This week my level of loathing for the way Aldi does things reached a whole new level when I arrived at the store and realized my husband had removed my Aldi quarter from it’s special place in my car. The parking lot was quite full and my spot was further away than I was comfortable to leave the kids in the car while I ran into the store to exchange my dimes for a quarter to get a cart.

So out comes everyone. I’ve got a baby on each hip, supported by my forearms, and then I’m holding the hand of the two and four year old as we navigate through the parking lot. My four year old is holding all the reusable grocery bags, which are repeatedly slipping out of her grasp, so we are stopping every ten feet or so to pick something up.

My wallet has a loop and is hanging around my wrist.

When we get into the store, a cashier notices that my wallet is open and the contents have been leaving a trail behind me as I walked. I pick up a $20 bill, a receipt, and a dentist appointment reminder card. I look in the wallet. All other money is gone. I am certain I had almost $100 in there when I arrived at Aldi because I was digging through my wallet looking for a hidden quarter. The money  has fallen out as I made my way into the store.

And as it fell, the people walking behind me had picked it up and pocketed the money. They stole it. From a poor mom stumbling her way through the parking lot with four kids hanging off her.

Now, I know this is not Aldi’s fault. Aldi didn’t steal my money. But would this have happened at Target, where carts are free and conveniently corralled right next to your parking spot? No. Nope. This is a direct result of Aldi’s excessive inconvenience.

(Off soapbox). I’ve actually been to Aldi twice since that happened, so we’re back to being on better terms. But OH, the things that happen while juggling twins.

This is the summary for the babies’ 42nd week. They were 41 weeks old.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:30am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
10:45am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime (at 7pm)

No problems. There were a couple of times during the week the babes refused to nurse for some reason, but then they nursed fine at the next feeding so no harm done.

Mercy woke up one night unable to suck her thumb and breathe at the same time. I used the snot sucker, nursed her and put her back down and she was fine. Otherwise they slept great, despite having colds.

Mercy was super picky this week, refusing lots of foods. She hasn’t realized this, but I’m far more stubborn than she is, so she can refuse what I serve all she wants but I’m not whipping her up anything else. Sam loves her pickiness, because it means he gets to eat both his and her portion.

Naps on the go:
The babes continue to nap fine if they’re in a pack in play at someone’s house, but they won’t nap in child care at MOPs. It’s probably a combination of the light and the fact that the workers try to rock them to sleep, which just makes them want to play. Oh well. A missed nap here and there isn’t going to kill them.

No time to jot anything else down for the week – I guess I got carried away with all the Aldi stuff in the beginning. Ha! Back to the ironing.


Twin Summary: 40 Weeks

Dear Aldi: I Hate You



3 thoughts on “Twin Summary: 41 Weeks

  1. The Aldi story is awful! I thought when you went out to the parking lot all of these people would be running up to you to give you your money! Also sounds like your husband was at the Aldi meeting.


  2. Oh dear! You poor thing! You should win an award for surviving THAT shopping trip! Those people are absolutely HORRIBLE for pocketing your dropped money! I pray that God will restore all that money times ten. 🙂


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