Twin Summary: 42 Weeks

Sometimes when both drooling babies are following me down the hallway, grunting in the effort to keep up, I look over my shoulder and briefly feel as though I’m on an episode of The Walking Dead. Mercy in particular seems part zombie because of the way she moves with her arms, leaving her body to drag limply behind.

They are like cuter versions of this:

Image result for the walking dead zombies army crawling

This is the summary for the babies’ 43rd week. They were 42 weeks old.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:30am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
10:45am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime (at 7pm)

Fine. Good. This week there were a number of times that Sam was done after like 2 minutes. If I leave him sitting on the couch with us he starts pulling at Mercy’s ears or poking at her eyes, so I’ve been sliding him off the couch as soon as he’s done. To prevent my boobs from getting all uneven, I offer Mercy his side after she has finished with hers.

Fine. Normal.

I haven’t posted a while about Sam’s fussiness, so I thought I’d sneak in an update here. He is still fussy. He still cries A LOT when I put him down. He cries if I don’t put food on his plate fast enough. He cries when I put him in the car seat. He cries when I change his diaper. He cries when I take a barbie shoe out of his mouth. He cries when he’s tired and he cries when he’s well rested. He cries when he’s hungry and he cries when he’s full. It’s not like he’s crying 100% of the time… it’s just that 100% of things have the potential to make him cry. I sure hope this changes at some point, or there isn’t a soul on this earth who will want to be his friend.

Sam got a top tooth in this week. So that makes 5 teeth between the two of them. Seems like they should have more by now, but I’m thankful.

Now that I’ve had four kids get their teeth in, I think I have enough experience to say with some certainty that the whole “teething” thing is blown way out of proportion. I hear moms complain about their kids teething all the time. He won’t sleep this week because he’s teething. She’s fussy because she’s teething. He’s drooling. She’s feverish. They must be teething! 

Look. Babies get 8 teeth in a matter of like 6 months. They are teething CONSTANTLY. Even if it’s the most painful thing they’ve been through in their short little lives, the fact that it’s occurring almost constantly from six months to two years makes it the least likely explanation for new changes in behavior. Someone recently made the comment to me that Sam must be teething because he was crying. Nope. That’s just his personality. Mercy has been drooling since the day she was born and just recently got her two bottom teeth.

Am I missing something here? When a baby is acting out of the ordinary, in my experience, they’re either getting sick or they need more sleep. Put them down for bed early addresses all the issues: sick babies need more sleep, tired babies need more sleep, and dreaming offers a temporary reprieve from any teething pain they might have.

Family Meals:
My Ikea high chairs are the best (thank you Rachel!!). The fact that they are stackable is HUGE, but I also love that they are low enough to pull up to the table. We’ve been enjoying actually eating as a family recently, babies included.

How blessed I am to call these four mine.




One thought on “Twin Summary: 42 Weeks

  1. I totally get the Walking Dead thing! My girls went through a stage of army crawling after me, yelling at me. They are adorable, but yes, you feel like you should be looking for ways out. 😛


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