BFBN Week: When ignoring is a beneficial parenting tool

My oldest is a drama queen. DRAMA QUEEN. Yesterday she tripped over a pine cone in the backyard and started sobbing like her leg broke. My second, on the other hand, will come in with blood running down his shins and when I ask him what happened he’ll shrug it off with an I don’t know like he can’t even see what I’m referring to.

The drama can really get to me. It’s frustrating. It’s irritating. It makes me want to scream STOP BEING SUCH A PANSY! But over time, through many failures to control myself, I’ve discovered that the best way to handle the drama is often to IGNORE IT. There are times to talk about toughening up and The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but in-the-moment is not the right moment. It just feeds the beast.

This is not the only instance where ignoring is the best course of action. Continuing on with our week on discipline, Emily from The Journey of Parenthood is talking today about incorporating Ignoring into your “parenting toolbox.”

In her post, she identifies six situations where ignoring the behavior might be the best way to go.

For example, bedtime:

“I am a firm believer when it comes to bedtime that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Even if you set up your child for the perfect sleep environment, he or she just may not sleep. And that’s okay! I try not to stress over if my kids are actually asleep or not and just focus on if they are being quiet and staying in the bed. As long as they are quiet and in the bed then I’m golden!”

Check out her post here.

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