Twin Summary: 47 Weeks

On Friday night I went to an event with a group of other moms, one of which brought her baby (who is around the same age as my twins). The baby was pretty content throughout, but I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly thankful that mine were home peacefully sleeping in their cribs! It’s just another example of how a schedule serves the parent; I’ve been able to go on dates or out with friends or even just run errands alone at night since the babies were only a month or two old. What freedom!

This is the summary for the babies’ 48th week. They were 47 weeks old.

Nothing new to report. Still sleeping a TON. I am still wondering if maybe there is a connection between their low iron and high sleep needs. I have been trying to focus on giving them high-iron foods (and taking iron myself) but we will have to see what the blood test shows at their one year appointment.

They have started refusing certain foods. Does pickiness usually start this early? I don’t remember. In any case, I’m (obviously) not having it. If they aren’t willing to eat what the rest of us are eating, they just don’t eat that meal. Clearly they are getting enough (those rolls! oh, those leg rolls!) and I can’t be having any picky eaters here. I don’t have the budget or the patience for that.

7:00am Wake, Nurse
7:15am Breakfast
8:50am Nurse, then down for Nap 1 at 9am
10:45am Wake, Nurse
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Nurse, then down for Nap 2
4:30pm Wake, Nurse
5:30pm Dinner
6:30-6:50pm Nurse, then bedtime

Other things of note:
We finally had to lower Mercy’s crib. She is pulling up to her knees. I think that puts her more than 2 months behind Sammy milestone-wise.

Sam has started throwing toys. I am trying to establish “verbal authority” by calling his name, getting eye contact, and firmly saying NO instead of just taking the toy away, which would be much easier in the short term.

Before I had the babies, I spent a substantial amount of time doing the whole Krazy Coupon Lady thing to stock up on diapers. Then I received quite a few boxes as gifts when the babies were born. I have just recently run out of my diaper stockpile and UGH the reality of diapering TWO BABIES has hit. I am already counting the months until I can potty train them.

Oh, cloth diaper, you say? No chance. I nearly barf changing their disposables sometimes! Plus, my new “high efficiency” washer takes FOREVER to do a load and the holes in the drum are too small for poop particles to fit through (which I know because I did a load with a blown out pajama set that I had first shaken in the toilet… the pajamas came out smelling fresh but with bean skins and corn kernels still crusted on it. GROSS).

So early potty training it is.



One thought on “Twin Summary: 47 Weeks

  1. Ahhh I love the pictures! They are starting to look so big! I love when babies start actually smiling for pictures. PRECIOUS. Cannot believe they are getting close to being 1.


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