My Summer Commitment To Contentment

Today is a BFBN day and everyone from the Babywise Friendly Blog Network is writing about Summer Break.

Summer break? Oh, is that when someone comes and takes care of my kids for the summer so I can lay out by the pool, get my nails done, and sleep in? No? It’s not?

Ohhhh. I know what it is. It’s the four month span from July to October when moms like myself curse the day they quit their corporate jobs and gave up the benefit of an air conditioned building.

It’s day after day of I can’t turn on my oven or the heat of the kitchen will singe my hair.
I can’t wear makeup because my face will melt.
The seat of my car just gave me third degree burns.
Is it even safe to let the babies fall asleep in this heat?


My husband and I don’t argue much. I can only recall a handful of arguments, and you guessed it, every single one was in the summer. Why? Because it’s hard to show grace when it’s 95 degrees inside your house. It’s hard to be selfless when you’re living on the surface of the sun.

I’m absolute convinced that heat brings out the worst in people. More than hunger, more than sleeplessness, and even more than bumper to bumper traffic. I was thinking this week about the quarrelsome wife in Proverbs (Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.) Why was this woman quarrelsome? Could it have been that it was summer and she was stuck in a hot box nursing babies and cooking dinner over a fire all day? I’m not typically quarrelsome but I do have a streak of bitterness and discontent in me. Couldn’t the same maxim be applied that to those qualities?

Better to live alone than to come home to a bitter wife who won’t shut up about how hot it is. 

Something occurred to me as I sat here dreading the impending heat. Contentment is a choice, and complaining accomplishes nothing. As the woman of this household, I have the power to create an environment where everyone or where no one is happy.

As my husband likes to say: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Here’s the reality: Summer is coming and surprise! it’s going to be hot.
It’s going to get over 100 degrees in my living room, and even hotter in my kitchen.
I’m going to sweat.
I’m going to smell.
I’m going to reach a point where I decide what we need is three more fans in every room, only to discover that Target has completely sold out.
I’m still going to have to cook.
I’m still going to have to clean.
I’m still going to have to nurse.
I’m still going to have to handle tantrums.
I’m still going to have to sleep.

So I might as well find contentment in it.

I decided that this is the summer I commit to being content.

(Even when it’s hot.)
(Even when I’m sweating.)

I am committing not only to refraining from complaining about the heat, but to actively choosing to be happy, grateful, and uplifting to those around me. When my husband gets home from work, I’m going to resist the urge to UNLOAD on him and instead receive him cheerfully. I’m going to look for ways to embrace the heat (duh – we live 10 miles from the beach!!). I’m going to dwell on the blessing that I get to stay home with my kids instead of focusing on the absence of climate control.

What a perfect opportunity to practice exercising contentment.

Perhaps this is the summer my family finally gets that break everyone’s talking about.

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